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Cocktail Profiling

A cocktail with live-liness, yes please! Mixologists are like scientists and estheticians; studying, experimenting, constructing and transforming in an effort to beautify the classics or age-olds. With a cast of artisan, honest-ingredient cocktails to choose from these days - think fresh basil, lemongrass infused, to fresh fruit purees and muddled mint - explore a cocktail with natural color and character. For those who are swearing off alcohol come 2011, mind these conscious cocktail tips and salute to your health this New Year's Eve.

What to order:

The Basic: choose Soda (no calories) over Tonic (contains refined sugar = calories)

The Fresh Factor: pressed fruit juices (grapefruit, orange) vs sugar-added juices (cranberry, boxed oj)

Citrus Boost: ask for 2 limes, please or an extra squeeze of lemon for an extra shot of vitamin C

The Explorer: drinks containing ginger, herbal tea infusions, spices and fresh herbs for added flavor without the calories (be sure to ask for light or no added sugar)

Water: ask the bartender to add a splash of water or extra ice (water helps maintain 20/20 vision)

Lastly, remember, a cocktail tells a lot about a person. Energy drinks are for party-poopers!

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