Picture of Health vs. Balance

I drink coffee and eat croissants. I enjoy wine and eat cheese. I also love sardines straight out of the can and eat sauerkraut as a meal vs. an accoutrement.

For the greater majority of my life, my diet comes in at an A-. While I have tightened-up my health game since the inception of CAN CAN, you'll see me eating dessert and I won't feel like I've just been caught by the paparazzi. 

The picture of health is an aspiration that keeps us motivated and conscientious. It also stresses us out, which I believe to be the biggest health evil. I think of myself like you or like that person you're striving to become. I'm balanced. I practice a balanced lifestyle and I continue to openly evolved as my body adapts to outside influences (environment) and inside influences (age).

My Current Balance:

  • Supportive, Nutritious Whole Foods
  • Tons of Seasonal Vegetables
  • A Little Fruit
  • Lots of Lemon
  • Water, Water, Water
  • Tea, occasional Coffee, Wine or Beer
  • Absolutely NO Soda Pop, Energy Drinks, or Pasteurized Juices
  • Sea Salt & Cayenne Pepper
  • Olive & Coconut Oils
  • Moderate to Heavy Exercise 5-6 Days a Week
  • Water Aerobics 
  • Cooking
  • Travel / Vacation as often as possible
  • Rest & Relaxation
  • Relationships (family, friends, colleagues, mentors, community)

I believe the right balance is happiness. Some days you waiver in a yoga posture; other days you nail it. Be patient with yourself. Practice and commit to making improvements - health, work, relationship-related everyday and do not be discouraged if you have a bad day...because you will.

Have a cup of coffee, but don't have two. Eat the croissant, but make sure it's the best croissant. Drink wine, but have a glass or two, not the whole bottle. Eat cheese and don't feel guilty. Moderation is king. Even the picture of health gets caught in the act...or opts to tell a lie.



More Fruit Juice and Water


These colorful pyramids are from our friends the Fruitarians. I'm especially drawn to the Drinks pyramid in the upper right hand corner. Drink to your health!

Candid Moment

How did you come to discover this was what you were meant to do? The question was posed to me in an interview with career coach Suzannah Scully. Here is my response.

I fully realized CAN CAN Cleanse after years of stocking my toolbox, per say. All of my past experiences built up to my aha moment, but at the time I was living each one, I had no idea. I’ve been helping girlfriends for years talk through and act on weight loss goals. The boost in self-esteem that I was able to give to friends was so rewarding I found inspiration, but never saw it as a career.

I studied holistic nutrition at Bauman College. My reasoning for going back to school was for personal enrichment. Three years later, I’m finally putting my education into practice. I did not dream of owning my own business, but I did dream of doing what makes me happy.

I believe in CAN CAN Cleanse as a personal practice that benefits my overall health. As I started to share this practice with others their happiness reaffirmed my belief in the importance of preventative health through honest food and specifically through seasonal produce and cleansing. It was that feel-good high of helping others with their health and happiness that made me take the leap.

If you are still looking for your aha moment, please read my answers to the other questions from the interview. You may want to ask yourself these same questions to help you find happiness and fulfillment in your work. Please visit Suzannah’s blog.

You CAN do it!

I can bottle the fresh, nutrient-rich beverages for you, but I can't bottle the willpower for you to succeed on a cleanse. That, my friends, is a big part of the practice of cleansing. Be mindful, be disciplined, be committed. There's a first time for everything. Practice and you will discover inner strength and a boost of self-esteem. I'm here to support you along the way and answer your questions ("I'm having dreams about cheesecake, is that normal?"), but the real inspiration comes from my CAN CAN'ers. Encouraging responses from a few of my first cleansers of 2011.

"Overall I have found myself slowing down around food. It feels really good. And even with little sleep due to my daughter being up in the night, I did not automatically turn to caffeine. I definitely feel more proactive and aware. I do miss the Green Juice!" - Kory

"I made it! Feeling great, but ready to chew again :) Strangely, I had a dream about cheesecake last night (that I ate it to break my cleanse and then was furious with myself....weird, huh?!) I was glad to wake up from that one!! Thanks again for all your help and encouragement in making my first cleanse such a positive experience!" - Jill

"As for the CAN CAN Cleanse, I'm so so so glad that I did it. It ended up being easier to complete than I expected, yet delivered stronger results than I expected. I couldn't be happier by my decision to do this. I've followed the Post-Cleanse guidance, and still feel exceptional. In addition, it helps you evaluate the rest of your life and how you are living. It is amazing how much processed "everything" we put into our bodies, so it was great to give it a much deserved break. I'm sleeping better, have more energy, and believe I look better. I know this sounds crazy, but I've had dark circles under my eyes for 10-12 years, and while they didn't go completely away, I feel like they are much less dark." - Marty

"I had to add 1/4c almonds and 1/2 avocado per day, because I need to chew on something, and I got hungry. But, I have to tell you that Saturday morning I woke up feeling the best I have in years. I felt sort of high! It was awesome. And, I've only had one coffee since the cleanse. I was drinking at least one every day. Also, I'm not craving sugar, which is just short of being as amazing as the second coming of Jesus. Anyway, all your stuff is so tasty and wholesome. It really restarted my system and made me want to eat healthy." - Kimberly

A World of Juice

Fruit juice has its place in cultures throughout the world. Hot on juice, the warm climate in southeast Asia made me crave fresh pressed juices. Available in every tropical color and flavor, as a morning ritual or for an afternoon time-out, the juices rivaled the weasel coffee, Thai tea and Bintang.


The CAN CAN Cleanse knock-off in Bangkok, Thailand


Orange Julius! Full-time orange juicer at a farmers market in Taipei, Taiwan 

Processed Food

“If it came from a plant, eat it. If it was made in a plant, don’t.” I wholeheartedly agree with Michael Pollan’s mantra from Food Rules. It’s disturbing to stop and think what food in packages really is or isn’t. Dismal truth is that processed food is not just processed once, but often processed-processed. I’d add a third layer of processed only to drive home the point that that there’s no more room for the food – it’s simply processed, packaged, pretend. 

Food is: material consisting essentially of protein, carbohydrate, and fat used in the body of an organism to sustain growth, repair, and vital processes and to furnish energy…definition by Merriam Webster

I do however recognize the processing of food by calling out my two favorite “processed” foods:

Sauerkraut: directly translated from German: "sour herb" or "sour cabbage", is finely shredded cabbage that has been fermented by various lactic acid bacteria. (Wiki definition) 

Yogurt: a dairy product produced by bacterial fermentation of milk. Fermentation of lactose produces lactic acid, which acts on milk protein to give yogurt its texture and its characteristic tang. (Wiki definition) 

The ever-popular Kombucha is also made through fermentation adding it to the cast of good things made from a process.

Kombucha is a fermented tea that is often drunk for medicinal purposes. There are scientific studies that support the health benefits of Kombucha that show it to be antimicrobial, to have hepatoprotective qualities, and to be antioxidative among other benefits. Kombucha can be made at home by fermenting tea using a visible, solid mass of yeast and bacteria which forms the kombucha culture which is often referred to as the "mushroom" or  the "mother". (Wiki definition)

Fermentation can be done at home (no plant required), so do add fermented foods and drink to your diet to enhance your body’s process