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Slow down, stop, breathe


My motto use to be, "You can sleep when you're dead," but these days I set small goals that help me slow down, relax and be reminded what it feels like to feel good.

Like remembering to breathe. It may sound fundamental, but it takes consciousness to breathe deep. I start in the morning. First breath, be reminded that you're alive. Second breath, think about the day you're embarking on - a new day.

Add a goal to the day's to-do list. A goal that helps you to slow down and breathe.

Currently, I'm working on posture. Try sitting up a little taller or stand up straighter. If it does not come naturally to you, work on it. Tighten up and lengthen your abdominal core, shoulders back - yet relaxed, chin up. Now a deep breath in. Feel the positivity in the body's alignment. A feeling of empowerment and a look of confidence. Most of us could use more confidence.

Yoga is all about posture. At a recent class at International Orange, I fully-realized the importance of my goals - breath and posture. The first gives energy; the second power. The 90-minute practice felt amazing! I was reminded to slow down, stop and focus on my breath. Albeit it's like a long-distant friend that I don't see too often, I crave to practice yoga. It's a discipline of consciousness.

During a cleanse, you're more present in your actions and thoughts making it a complimentary time to practice yoga. 

Be reminded that stretching, breathing a little more deeply and properly aligning the body feels so good. 

We exercise, we sleep, we eat, but do we ever stop?




Turn off your phone.

Get outside.

Chew your food.

Call an old friend.

Practice meditation (if only for 10 mins).

It's all part of slowing down.

Slow down, stop, breathe.

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