Happy New Year!


Feeling reflective today? Me too! Time to take a few moments or days to cleanse our minds and revisit the good and flush out the bad as another year comes to a close. This is life.

Looking back, how was your year? Was 2013 good to you? Were you good to yourself, friends and family? What plans do you have for 2014? Will it be a year of advancing personally or professionally? A year to learn a new skill, practice a new hobby, change jobs, travel, exercise, adventure or will you resolve to relax and will yourself to slow down more often, be more present, and never be too busy.

I'm hoping to find a healthy balance of all of the above and I wish you the same.

I'd also like to say thank you so much to our dear CAN CAN clients, friends and family for 3 amazing years of support and love for what we do. You inspire us as we continue to build a relationship with you and your health. It is with much pride and happiness, that I wish CAN CAN a Happy 3rd Birthday this month and Happy 33rd Birthday to me! (3 is my favorite number so something extra special to have so many 3's align!)

With so much gratitude for the year past and the year ahead, Happy New Year!

May 2014 be as good to you as you be good to yourself. 

Wishing you and your families health and happiness!


Happy Holidays To All!


To our dear friends, families and CAN CAN'er, thank you for an amazing 2013!

Truly, we're blessed with the best clients and believers in what we do; the power of seasonal cleansing has a way of positively improving our bodies and minds. What a gift, just ask our clients! We've enjoyed sharing our love of taking 18 pounds of raw, organic, whole food ingredients and making it into tasty juices, nut milks, herbal teas, and soups to create an experience quite unique and magical.

We have much to be thankful for as 2013 has been a year of growth for CAN CAN. We thank you for encouraging and supporting us along the way! THANK YOU! And, we look forward to continuing to help you be healthier and happier in the New Year! 

Cheer to all that we were blessed with in 2013 and to an even healthier, happier, more prosperous, love & life-filled 2014!

We'll see you December 30th or 31st for the last cleanses of the year. Or, if your holiday calendar is booked, then January 3rd for our first cleanses of 2014!

Warm wish to you & your families!

With much love & gratitude,

Teresa & the CAN CAN Cleanse family 


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Sweet Tooth?


I have a major sweet tooth, and cookies are like my kryptonite.  Most of the year I'm pretty good at moderation, but when December hits, all bets are off.

This time of year, my Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest feeds are full of nothing but amazing holiday sweets: peppermint fudge combos, spice cookies, gingerbread houses, snowball cookies, coookies shaped like snowflakes or ornaments, eggnog baked into every treat imaginable.   And then there are the annual cookie swaps and the treats that get brought into the office.  It's tough out there!

I'm trying to be extra good this year.  Not only so I stay off Santa's naughty list, but also because I'm engaged!  I had set fitness goals a few months back, before the ring, and now that I have dress fittings in my near future, I have even more incentive to stick to my goals.

But, my number one fitness rule: I never deny my sweet tooth when a craving hits.  That will only lead to a major binge down the road.  So, instead of reaching for cookies every time I get a craving, I'm trying to make sure I have plenty of healthy sweet treats on hand.  One of my favorite snacks right now is so simple: one or two medjool dates stuffed with almond butter and flaked coconut.  It takes just a second to prepare, and is sweet, satisfying, and actually fills me up, without the refined sugars and flours found in baked goods.  Not to mention, dates, almonds, and coconut are full of health benefits.

I'll still have a cookie now and then, because hello...snickerdoodles exist.  But, with quick, healthy, sweet treats like these dates, I'll be less likely to go back to the cookie jar for seconds, thirds, or tenths.


1-2 medjool dates

1/2 tablespoon of almond butter per date

1 teaspoon of flaked unsweetened coconut per date

Slice dates open lenghtwise and remove pit.  Fill with almond butter then top with coconut.


Post, recipe and image by Amber Kercmar of Loves Food Loves To Eat

Gift Ideas!


A cleanse is a very thougthful gift to give to a friend or family member. Perhaps you know someone who has been interested in trying a cleanse, but hasn't bought one for him/herself? Or someone dear to you who could really benefit from the practice, but has never considered and may be pleasantly surprised? Or "What do I get for __________ ?" - that person in your life that has everything, why not a cleanse? It's an experience gift that anyone and everyone can benefit from both physically and mentally! 

Gift certificates and our All-Seasons Pass 2014 are now available! Yay!  

Peace. Joy. Love. Health. Happy Holidays! 

Thanksgiving Day Reminder


Thanksgiving day has come and gone, but the memory of my undercooked, 10 pound bird has not. I began with the no-fail oven bags until I quickly discovered the bag had expanded, melting to the coils. Luckily I caught it right away, thanks to my handy dandy nose and the noxious fumes emitting from the oven vent. This is probably another reason not to use plastic. After rescuing the turkey, removing the bag, removing all racks (yes, my oven is that small), I switched to foil and voila! Or, so I had hoped. After repeated basting, thermometer probing, and foil applying and removal, I proudly set the perfectly golden main course on the kitchen counter to carve.

The breast was streaming clear juices and the meat white and moist, causing our mouths to water. Finally! It was time to eat. One bite later, I was getting the bird instead of eating it. I’m pretty sure meat should not be stringy and chewy. Maybe all those years as a vegetarian has messed up my kitchen mojo. Or perhaps I never had any? 



Despite my constant desire to be the greatest chef my family has ever known, that dream has yet to come to fruition. I was raised eating a lot of not-so-good-for-you foods. With a family of 7 on two teacher’s salaries, the budget was tight. But I never felt deprived. I remember eating a lot of the same things over and over, and eating out at a restaurant was a rare treat. The cuts of meat we could afford probably led to my vegetarianism.

I love reading recipes and trying new things. I have to keep the dream alive. My boyfriend complains that I try to make all the good food too healthy, but if he had his choice we would eat hamburgers and fries almost every night. I’m a much more adventurous eater than he is, and it’s hard to find a good balance sometimes.

Thanksgiving reminded me to be thankful for the bounty we have. It allows for my experimentation, my successes and my fails. The majority of us are blessed living in the United States, and especially in Southern California. The plethora of fresh foods is unbelievable, thanks to our climate and proximity to Mexico. Farmers markets run year round and new restaurants are constantly being promoted. Thankfully, we have professional chefs that keep my taste buds inspired and my kitchen creativity in check.

As for the Thanksgiving turkey? There is always next year!

Contributed by Nanette Murray

Image: http://www.pinterest.com/pin/180073685074258717/

A Moment To Give Thanks!


Let's start today giving thanks for everything on our plates! That's right, our plates are full these days, but are we acknowledging that which we have to be oh-so-thankful for? I encourage you to take pause this week and throughout the holiday season (everyday, really!) to close your eyes, reflect, breath and when you open your eyes, smile! Our fortunes are grand and our misfortunes opportunities for growth and rediscovery. 

What matters most? Our families, friends, health, food, water, shelter, love....now those make a plate full so load up!

Wishing our loyal clients, our friends and our families a very Happy Thanksgiving!



Stress Less During the Holidays

I love this time of year--Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah, the New Year.  What a great time to celebrate.  But let's face it, although the holidays can bring great joy, they can also bring some stress.  The long lines and empty pockets.  The back-to-back social calendar.  The in-laws.  The homemade pies, apps and egg nog.  The holidays are meant to be a time to enjoy family and friends, rather than be stressed about the little things.  Here are some ways to make your holidays more joyful and less stressful this year.


Eat for energy. Snacking on sugary treats is common during the holidays.  While you don't want to miss out on the pumpkin pie, you can avoid unhealthy eating habits by planning ahead.  Eat a light, balanced snack before you head to your holiday party.  For example, if you have an apple, add almond butter.  If you have crackers, add hummus or avocado.  Whatever you do, it's important to avoid eating carbs alone because they can spike your blood sugar and lead to feeling more hungry and tired later.

Stay active.  Go for a 20 minute walk outside.  The cool air will awaken your senses and is a great antidote for stress.  Spending time outdoors will also help your obtain adequate levels of vitamin D, which is known to help lower blood pressure, regulate blood sugar levels and promote a healthy immune system.  Although you can get your vitamin D with a supplement, the sun stimulates the production of feel-good serotonin and can help releive symptoms of seasonal affective disorder (SAD).

Up your key nutrients. For supplements, try B12 for extra energy in the morning and magnesium before bed to help unwind from a long day.  Don't forget about your Omega-3s which can help reduce inflammation after a late night out; the best sources are cold water fish like salmon and trout, walnuts, flaxseed and olive oil.  Or, if tea is your bag, a cup of chamomile or yerba mate can do wonders for the senses and stress.

Drink extra water. Though this sounds simple enough, many people underestimate the power of hydration.  Dehydration actually serves to increase our stress levels and appetite.  Try to alternate a glass of water between cocktails at your holiday party.  if you're not a water fan, try making your own flavored water.  Some refreshing combinations are rosemary+orange, ginger+lemon or cucumber+mint.

Take some time for yourself.  Santa shouldn't be the only one making a list and checking it twice.  When you feel the stress coming on, refer to a list of your favorite stress-busting activities.  It's important to take time for things you enjoy, like going to a movie, taking a nap, yoga, going to the gym.  Whatever it may be, don't forget to put yourself first.

Contributed by Laura Lemon

Student at Bauman College of Holistic Nutrition, Nutrion Consultant Program

Sources: http://health.usnews.com/health-news/family-health/heart/articles/2008/06/23/time-in-the-sun-how-much-is-needed-for-vitamin-d

Bauman, E., Friedlander, J. (2013). Therapeutic Nutrition.  Penngrove, CA: Bauman College.

Image: http://www.pinterest.com/pin/313492824032401693/

3 Week Prep for Thanksgiving!


Thanksgiving is 3 weeks away and we want to make sure it's the best eating day of the year for you! That's right, if you eat good, you feel good. If you eat bad, you feel bad (both physically and emotionally). Now we don't want you to feel that way that sooooo let's avoid making the same mistakes we made last year on Thanksgiving.

This year, let's prepare to say no-no to the two dinner rolls, half of a plate of mash potatoes, stuffing, turkey and a side of cheesy cauliflower. Switch out the super-sized plate for a normal dinner plate and serve yourself thoughtful, controlled portions of each...and yes, you will have room to enjoy a slice of homemade pumpkin pie and not feel eaters remorse after.

Join us for "Stay In Control On Turkey Day!" Three week cleanse package to remind you to eat well this Thanksgiving! 

Here's How It Works!
3-Day Cleanse This Week!
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Be prepared to practice portion control, to exercise willpower, and to give thanks for your health on Thanksgiving Day.
You CAN do it!

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I’m here to tell you to eat your cauliflower.


This cruciferous vegetable has tons of health benefits.  It's high in anti-oxidants, helps reduce inflammation, helps cleanse your digestive tract with tons of fiber, and is chock full of vitamins.  It's also a high-flavor, low-calorie food, with tons of preperation options.


Eat it raw-crunchy and fresh it's a perfect afternoon snack.  Have it simply steamed, which is pretty much the easiest preperation and still tastes great.  Mash it up and your guests will wonder why they've had such flavorful mashed potatoes (hint, because it's not potatoes at all!).  Blend it with a splash of home made vegetable stock or un-sweetened almond milk for a thick, creamy (dairy-free!) sauce or soup.  Pulse it (while raw) in a food processor, then gently heat for a wheat-free couscous substitute.  Or, for a really special treat, try roasting it!

Roasted cauliflower is my new obsession.  The high heat makes the edges crispy and oh-so flavorful.  I could eat roasted cauliflower florets for any meal, or even as a snack.  I like to add a drizzle of olive oil or coconut oil before roasting to really caramelize the cauliflower (and the coconut oil brings out a nice hint of sweetness), but you don't even need to.  It turns out great no matter what.  For a dish that really pops, try adding fresh parsley and lemon juice right when you pull it out of the oven, or experiment with different spice blends.  Mediterranean flavors go great with roasted cauliflower.

Cauliflower is in season right now, so there's no better time to step up your cauliflower game!  Get started with this recipe for simple roasted cauliflower, or try our Curried Cauliflower and Chickpeas!

Simple Roasted Cauliflower

  • 1 head of cauliflower, cut up into florets
  • 1 tablespoon of coconut oil (melted)
  • 1/2 teaspoon red pepper flakes
  • Pinch of sea salt
  • Fresh ground black pepper
  • Zest & juice of 1 lemon
  • 1/2 cup fresh parsley, chopped

Preheat oven to 425 degrees.  Spread cauliflower on a baking sheet, and drizzle with coconut oil, pepper flakes, salt and pepper.  Roast for about 30-40 minutes, until cauliflower is golden but not burnt.  Remove from oven, toss with lemon zest and juice, and parsley.

Contributed by Amber Kercmar ~ Loves Food Loves To Eat

Committed to Healing


It's been a wild few months for me with the opening of CAN CAN kitchen #2 here in LA. So exciting, but also so overwhelming and too many lists of to-do. During this time, I've felt a strong desire to keep sharing the human aspect of CAN CAN Cleanse, the fact that I'm not trying to sell another juice cleanse, but I'm here to make whole, nutrient-rich, plant-based food into liquid form (that tastes good!) and lead my clients on an experience. CAN CAN Cleanse is much more about the mental and emotional benefits than the physical (yes, your body will shed a few pound, but the best benefits are how light and clear your mind will feel and the huge sense of empowerment you'll feel when you finish!) You CAN do it! You can do anything.

With this drive to humanize CAN CAN Cleanse, I felt the need to connect and build my community of like-minded people. I emailed my dear friend and inspirational leader, Lacy Young. I call Lacy a dear friend, but we have actually never met in person before. She's just one of those special people you instantly feel a connection with. What I like most about Lacy; she's open and compassionate and she has chosen a life path to inspire others to be human, embrace challenge and be inspired through health eating habits. 

I invited Lacy to share experiences on CAN CAN's blog to humanize the small and large victories she's seen in her life and through her work. I feel honored by her enthusiasm to contribute and that she chose to share her own personal story as her first post.

I'm thrilled to introduce Lacy to you all!


Lacy with a freshly placed sticker for her love project, Campaign For Confidence, June 2013

It makes perfect sense that getting sick would lead to being passionate about health. I just never in a million years thought it would be my story.

Just breathe. I'd say it to myself all day long. Mid sentence I'd have to stop, gasp + wheeze to try and force air in. In 2004 I started experiencing difficulty breathing. It took nearly 2 years to get a proper diagnosis; Idiopathic Subglottic Stenosis. It would take seven surgeries and two more years to have the surgery that would remove the mystery scar tissue growing in my trachea. 

It felt like I was breathing through a coffee straw all the time.

After a devastating first attempt at the big surgery in December 2007 everything changed. We flew home, moved up our wedding and got married in February at the Wynn in Las Vegas among our friends and family. Looking back I see how being sick was nudging me to LIVE FULLY and I can't help but feel tremendously grateful.

The surgery was a beast. I spent a restless night in the ICU in the most pain I've felt to date. I had a chin stitch (It was really more of a tether that attached my chin to my breast bone.) for seven days and was in the hospital for ten. My sweet new husband and family were by my side. It was a long time for all of us. I kept a Caring Bridge page throughout the event and loved journaling there so much I started my blog shortly after. Another gift from the scar tissue.


Once I could breathe again I committed to healing.

I gained a considerable amount of weight over the four years of sickness. Physical weight, emotional weight. I self-soothed with the foods I'd grown up on. Steak, potatoes, ice cream, Pillsbury orange danish rolls (man, I loved those), frozen pizza, lots of cheese, fast food, candy, cookies, brownies, Little Debbie snack cakes. Never met a sugar or dairy product I didn't like. I thought I was making the healthy choice buying Lean Cuisine frozen dinners and ordering chicken instead of steak. Almost all of my food came out of a box or was processed in some way.

Emerging from that place was WORK. I started making slow + steady changes with the help of a health coach. I did what I could do at the pace I could manage. Some days we spent the entire hour talking about switching from white rice to brown rice and then I'd go and make that one change. It took four years to gain the weight. I gave myself 4 years to take it off. Seriously. I treated myself so gently and still the process was humbling and at times infuriating. I bumped up against every old idea I had about dieting, about weight loss and about suffering to see results.

I spent 6 months with my coach, Jennifer. My experience was so profound that I went to school to learn more. Honestly the entire time I was in school I was thinking 'oh I may do this for work, may not... we'll see.' About mid way through school I started seeing clients and never stopped. I've been coaching for three years now. This work is the best kind of high. I love being a part of transformation.


My desire to empower + inspire started as early as I can remember. I've always known I wanted to reach many people. Health Coaching is one of my vehicles for genuine loving service.

I teach people how to build beautiful meals + deeply meaningful lives. We journey together, co-creating every step of the way. We shine a huge flashlight into the dark places and light up possibility through the power of food. We get real. We get conscious. We identify and move the big rocks and little pebbles that have been blocking the path leading to your healthy life and body. Yes, it is about the foundations of food but that doesn't even begin to sum it all up. It's about believing in your dreams and finally, finally having the tools to power you into action. It's about radical love and self care. It's about lowering cholesterol and blood pressure without having to pop a pill. It's about forgiveness. It's about authenticity. It's about the beauty of leafy greens and raspberries and infusing color into your world. It's nutrition meets therapy in thebest kind of way. It's like the movie theater that serves beer. Best of both worlds! It's that good. And yes, I'm a beer drinking health coach. It's all about balance, ya'll!

So that's me in a nut shell. Thank you oh so much for reading.

With love,

Here’s a look at what’s coming up next:


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• Sweet Surrender 10-day Sugar Detox Dec 1 – 10th! Get loads of support + balance in place in perfect timing before the Christmas/ New Year holidays!

Contributed by Lacy Young

All photo credits: Lacy Young

Special Treat! $25-Off!


How many of you have had one or two Halloween treats already? They're "Fun Size," you say and "It's Halloween!" We agree! But, we're here to remind you that sugar demons are on the prowl this time of year so please have a little fun, but be safe and stay healthy! To help keep your trick or treat spirits high, here's a sweet alternative for you; this Halloween season, come cleanse with us and leave the sugar demons for the scarecrows!

TP on TV!


What a feel good day! On Monday, October 21st, I had the pleasure of doing my first on-air interview and demo for local news station, KCAL 9. What fun! I really do love what I do! I wish the segment could have been longer as I had several more delicious, festive Fall recipes for you, but 4 minutes flies by! Here's a link to the video I hope you'll watch and be inspired to try Pumpkin Spiced Almond Milk at home. It's a goodie! 

Thanks for your support! My fans (hehe, I mean you, our clients!) mean the world to me.

Wishing you continued happiness & health!



In a Pickle

The other day, I picked a fight with my mom over pickles. Specifically, "real" pickles. 

I know what you're thinking: is it really worth arguing about real pickles?

Well, as a certified nutrition consultant, I believe that it is.

You see, pickles have immense health value - but only if they're real.


Real pickles are cured over a matter of weeks in nothing more than water, salt, and optional pickling spices. The fermentation process creates lactic acid, which is responsible for that pickle-y taste. This method also preserves the pickles and, perhaps most importantly, brings the benefit of naturally-occurring probiotics.

Probiotics are "friendly" gut bacteria that help nourish our gastrointestinal tract and protect against bad bacteria. They are found in naturally fermented products like real pickles, real sauerkraut, real tofu, yogurt and kombucha. And in this day and age, our GI systems need all the help they can get. (Note how many I had to qualify as "real"? That's a good reminder to always read labels.).

As for fake pickles? They are made with vinegar. No fermentation, no lactic acid or real pickle-y taste, no probiotics, no natural preservation. And as far as I'm concerned, no benefits.

What started our discussion the other day was a menu item at a local restaurant that claimed, "Homemade pickles - in their own brine." I had to ask the waitress - just to be sure - if they were real pickles or if they were made with vinegar. Sadly, while I suppose they were technically homemade, they were most certainly not made in "their own" brine, as they were simple vinegar pickles.

I know, I know - I'm an annoying dinner companion.

My mom and I subsequently began discussing the merits of real pickles versus the fake kind, and she suggested that sometimes, throughout history, things get easier for a reason. And new pickles are arguably better because they're easier, faster, and cheaper. 

I agree with her when it comes to some things. For example, I'm glad that our internet connections and computers are faster now than 15 years ago when it took a solid 30 minutes to rip a song off Napster. And my iPhone makes my life easier in myriad ways. 

But when it comes to food? Making things faster and easier is usually not better. Artificial sweeteners, baby formula, and McDonald's can all illustrate my theory. Then again, sometimes we make our food more difficult than it needs to be (GMOs, pasteurized almonds, and refined white flours come to mind). 

The bottom line for me & my clients is nutrient density. I recommend eating foods that will provide the most healthy nutrients - to keep energy up, protect against health problems, and feel good.

Fake pickles simply don't provide much benefit, especially when compared to their nutrient-rich real counterparts.

Next time, though, maybe I'll be less salty about it.

~ Emily Wade Adams, CNC at Natal-Nutrition.com and PrimingTheBump.com
photo credit www.fadified.com


A few nights ago I was invited to attend a yoga class in Los Angeles. The teacher, and owner of the studio, started class with a mudra, or hand gesture to bring about a certain state of mind. That night’s focus was on change. I could either circle my arms toward me, bringing in unknown change, or I could circle them away from me and project change. But what kind of change was I looking for? Was I even looking for change? Isn’t change inevitable?

I figured I should let change in. I wasn’t feeling particularly inspired to make a change. Actually, I didn’t know what I would change. In the past two months I had already changed jobs, changed apartments, changed hair styles, changed cable TV companies, changed passwords, batteries, light bulbs! Did I need more change?

Change can be difficult. When I was 23 I was introduced to PETA. I was given a flier at a rock concert. Turns out, the lead singer was vegan and they were there to support his efforts in spreading the word about cruelty to animals. The next day I swore off meat and lived meat free for 8 years, sans a few fishing trips where I ate what we caught. I didn’t even eat the chickens we raised, even though I knew for a fact they had been treated proper both in life and at death.

When I decided to go vegetarian, I never considered the alienation I would feel from family and friends. Living in the Midwest, meat and potatoes were common dinner time staples. A roast in the Crock Pot, a Sunday ham, and let’s not forget about burgers on the grill. No one knew what to do around me. Where could I go out to eat? What if I just picked the chicken chunks out of the soup? I won’t even mention the issues at Thanksgiving.

Despite my constant reassurance that I would go to any restaurant, or eat at any home, I could never escape the feeling of being different. I brought my own “meat” to eat at family gatherings, ate salad and baked potatoes at steak houses, and was constantly answering questions about why. Why would I not eat meat?

I won’t lie and say it was an easy journey. I have yet to meet someone who likes to be alienated. As humans, we want to be accepted for who we are, even if we don’t always know who we want to be. Through the course of those 8 years I was reminded to live my life for me. I could have easily given in and helped myself to a bowl of meaty chili. It probably would have been easier. But if we all did what everyone else is doing, then we couldn’t celebrate our differences. And what a boring world we would live in.

Change can sometimes be hard to accept, especially if you didn’t invite the change into your life. Change is in fact inevitable. But how we react to change and how we view change is important. My family and friends did not like that I had changed my eating habits. I was now different from them and they had no control over my new way of life. I suggested they change to vegetarianism, but that was met with predictable resistance!

In the end, I grew out of caring what they thought. I reminded them that I was still me, but I was just not eating meat, and that I didn’t define myself by my eating habits. Unfortunately, I didn’t inspire a change in any of them, but I did get them to eat more vegetables.

I have since gone back to eating meat. After reading what seems like millions of food labels, I suddenly realized I couldn’t pronounce or even recognize what I was feeding my body. But I still take care of myself and eat locally sourced produce, humanly raised meat and dairy, and try to stay active. At least most of the time. Now, the biggest change is that I’m happy. Still just being me. Whoever I decide to be.

~Nanette Murray

The True Meaning of Organic

The sun was barely poking it’s head above the horizon, but my Grandma had already been up for hours. Cracking open the bedroom door, she peeks into the bedroom, the hinges squeaking enough to invade my quiet slumber. Rolling over, she quickly shuts the door not wanting to disturb me, but already knowing I had been woken up. I begin to hear the faint sounds of pots and pans hitting the stove and the smell of frying bacon creeps under the door. I can’t hold out any longer.

My slippers pad lightly down the hall toward the source of the mouth watering aroma. I round the corner and see my prize sitting on the counter. A fresh basket of plump, ripe blackberries. My Grandma had already been out to the Farmer’s Market.


As a kid growing up in a small town in Iowa, the concept of “Organic” produce didn’t mean anything. If it came from the garden, it was organic. The Cass County Farmer’s Market took place every summer Saturday morning out at the Fairgrounds. It consisted of about 10 local vendors, most of which were hobby growers or retired farmers who’s field had been reduced to the size of a swimming pool. They would get up early, pack up wooden baskets and recycled plastic bags, load up the back of their pick- ups and drive out to park in the designated area near the entrance of the grounds. For four hours it became a tailgating party featuring old friends and fresh produce. And when berries were in season, the blackberries were my favorite. Still warm from picking we would fill up a bowl, cover them with milk and sprinkle with sugar. It was the only way I knew how to eat them.

Twenty years later, I still love and appreciate the Farmer’s Market. However, the city markets of Los Angeles only bare a slight resemblance to the market of my childhood. The resemblance being the abundance of fresh fruits and vegetables, homemade pies, and of course the trucks. Gone are the hobby farmers and retirees. Instead, banners advertising business names and employees peddle the goods under protective awnings. Large display tables showcase the harvest year round, making the concept of seasonally grown produce almost obsolete. The term “Organic” is now government regulated.

In this city of concrete and cars, we still crave that connection to the land. As you wander through the Farmer’s Market, zig-zagging through the crowd carrying heavy bags and dragging loaded carts, you are reminded of where our food comes from. Not from cold, grocery store display cases but from hard working people, still willing to get their hands dirty. There are no plastic bags of machine cut carrots. No cellophane wrapped lettuce. This, is the true meaning of organic.


Contributed by Nanette Murray

Lemon Aid: Vitamins

Is the supplement aisle at Whole Foods going to start taking over the real estate from the leeks, pear cider and paper towels? I’m fairly proud of my ability to efficiently navigate the aisles but I find myself overwhelmed when I step foot among the long rows of colorful, little bottles. So being the curious type, I thought I would do a little research to help shed light on the complicated world of supplements.


First and foremost, most vitamins and minerals should be obtained from the consumption of everyday organic, whole foods --note from swallowing a pill. This allows you to obtain not only the desired vitamin C from an orange but also all the other nutrients, fiber, and enzymes that can aid in your body's absorption of the vitamin C.


Unfortunately, in today’s environment obtaining vitamins and minerals through food sources alone may not be enough. Modern techniques--such as pesticide and hormone use, harvesting food before it’s ripened, and monocropping--are diminishing the nutrient content of our food. In order to “supplement” our diminished diet, a vitamin or mineral supplement may be more important than ever before.

But how does one choose what’s right for them?

The old adage is as true for supplements as it is for most things: you get what you pay for. Buy a cheap supplement, and you’ll get cheap ingredients difficult for your gut to absorb, insufficiently tested for purity and potency, and containing extra unnecessary substances like fillers, flavors, and dyes.

Before we go further, it is important to understand two basic concepts:



A fancy word for how well a nutrient is absorbed in your body. As I mentioned earlier, the closer to real food that a supplement is, the more likely your body is to embrace it with open arms. Below are the forms that are easiest for our bodies to absorb.



Most absorbable form...

Vitamin A

Mixed Carotenoids


Thiamine Hcl



Vitamin D



Folate, Metafolin, MTHF

Vitamin E

Mixed tocopherols, mixed tocotrienols

Vitamin K

K1 and K2


Citrate, Ascorbate


Glycinate, taurate, citrate, aspartate


Se-Methylselenoysteine, seleomethionine


Citrate, gluconate


USP Certification

‘USP’ stands for U.S. Pharmacopeial, and pharmacopoeia is the practice of drug-making. USP Certification is given to those nutrients tested to ensure the highest quality. When shopping the aisles, look for the USP label indicating that the product has met all of the following standards:

  • Disintegration - how quickly a supplement can be dissolved or absorbed

  • Strength - the amount of specific vitamin or mineral is in each pill

  • Purity - free of heavy metals, pesticides, solvents and other pollutants

  • Expiration - when the supplement will no longer meet these standards

So after selecting a high quality supplement, below are some helpful hints for ingesting them:

  1. Take them with food. This stimulates the release of digestive juices and enzymes which help you absorb the nutrients better.

  2. Divide the suggested daily amounts between two meals. Breakfast and dinner is usually easiest to remember.

  3. Take all supplements regularly and continuously for a set time frame. Try to take at the same time of day for 30 to 45 consecutive days.

  4. Avoid synthetic vitamin A and vitamin E. The synthetic forms of vitamin A to avoid are acetate or palmitate forms. The synthetic form of vitamin E to avoid is dl-tocopherol forms. These synthetic vitamins are not well absorbed and can aggravate the liver.

Also, if you are experiencing symptoms of gas, bloating, indigestion, constipation or diarrhea, it may help to take a digestive enzyme to aid in the absorption of the supplement. Look for brands that have varied types of enzymes to help digest both fat (lipase), protein (protease), and carbohydrates (amylases). Digestive enzymes are usually in their own section of the supplement aisle.

Always remember that a supplement should compliment a diet rich in organic, whole foods, never a replacement. Be sure to seek a professional doctor or nutritionist to determine which supplements are right for you.


Contributed by Laura Lemon

Student at Bauman College of Holistic Nutrition, Nutrition Consultant Program


Sources: Bauman, E., Friedlander, J. Foundations of Nutrition. Penngrove: Bauman College, 2013. Waldman, Helayne. "Choosing A Healthy Supplement." GreenMedInfo. N.p., 27 July 2013. Web. 12 Sept. 2013. Mercola, Joseph. ""Is Your Stomach Hijacking Your Health?"" Mercola.com. N.p., n.d. Web. 30 Sept. 2013. Image: http://media-cache-ec0.pinimg.com/originals/71/49/70/7149707012fadecd724417c092141a87.jpg

Time to Party Inside!

As Summer's successor, Fall is a legitimate season to let our disgestive systems rest. A perfect time of year to hop-skip-jump on over to your local farmers market to buy a bounty of produce and whip up a party for your insides - aka, time to cleanse! 

One of our most favorite times of year, CAN CAN is happy to announce, CAN CAN Fall is here! Party time!

Check out or Fall menu here and we'll see you for a green juice soon!


Eat More, Weigh Less!

A Nutritionist’s Top 4 Weight-Loss Strategies



Since becoming a nutritionist, the most common question I hear (hands-down!) is, "How can I lose weight?" But that's actually only half of the question. There are plenty of crash diets or that eliminate extra pounds almost instantaneously, so the important - yet unspoken - part of the question is, "And how do I keep it off?"

Therein lies the difference between healthy and unhealthy diets: long-term effectiveness. Unhealthy diets aren’t sustainable, so they only work temporarily. And what do you do when you’ve tasted the sweetness of weight loss, only to gain all the weight back? Well, if you’re not completely discouraged and ready to give up altogether, you try another quick fix. This is yo-yo dieting, and it can actually slow down your metabolism over the long run.

Healthy diets, on the other hand, aren’t just a temporary eating pattern, but a whole new way of life - forever.

Sounds like a really big commitment.

And that’s why people get scared or stuck.

But the truth is, small changes are easier to stick with in the long run, and they can really make a difference. As someone who has fluctuated between healthy & unhealthy weights myself, perhaps I hear these questions often because I seem to have finally figured out the formula that works for me.

About me: I'm not a dieter. The one time I did diet was before my wedding, when I pretty much ate lettuce for six weeks. It worked, but it wasn't sustainable. I gained back most of the weight on my honeymoon! Aside from that one diet, my past weight losses were typically side effects of various illnesses. Not a great way to lose weight.

Nowadays, I have left crash diets and chronic illness behind. My new weight loss plan is simple, sustainable and I don't ever feel deprived. Plus, it works - I’m almost back to my high school weight!

Sound too good to be true? It's not. In fact, I’m happy to share my top 4 weight-loss tricks with you below. You too can lose weight easily - and keep it off - using these 4 guidelines, but there is one catch: you'll have to be patient.

It's not easy to change, especially when you don't receive immediate gratification. But I guarantee that if you commit to these 4 changes, you will see lasting results in a few months. Not as quick as a crash diet, but much more rewarding when it comes time for your next reunion.


Step 1: Kick refined carbs to the curb. 

This is the hardest step, but it's so necessary. Instead of focusing on all you have to cut out of your diet (sugar, bread, pasta, cake, cookies, etc.), figure out what to replace these items with. Perhaps it's a fruit smoothie instead of ice cream, or zucchini 'noodles' instead of spaghetti. Getting your blood sugar back in balance is a crucial step towards permanent weight loss.

Step 2: Don't go hungry! 

Yes, definitely treat yourself to a seasonal juice fast. But otherwise, don’t let yourself get hungry. This is my favorite step: you can actually eat more to weigh less! Hunger is the enemy of healthy eating because it has the power to completely derail a healthy diet. Ever been so hungry you'd eat anything - and then felt guilty about it later? Don't let hunger ruin your weight loss plans. Arm yourself with a large variety of healthy snacks: nuts, hard-boiled eggs, yogurt, even leftovers! Enjoy a small snack between meals, and never skip a meal. It may seem counter-intuitive, but it really works.

Step 3: Move your body. 

Sure, you can lose weight without exercising. I did. But once I started exercising regularly, the pounds really started to melt away. I was amazed by the results - and the change in my mood & energy levels. There are really too many reasons to exercise not to just do it.

Step 4: Enlist support. 

Partner with someone who will help you succeed - someone to whom you will be held accountable for sticking to your new regimen. It's much harder to make changes when you're on your own. A health coach is a cheerleader, teacher and boss rolled into one, so you will know what to do, be held accountable, and get recognized for your progress.

Perhaps most importantly, if you slip up, don't give up. Take it one day at a time and keep at it! And before you know it, people will be asking YOU how you managed to lose all that weight and keep it off for good.


Contributed by: Emily Wade Adams, CNC Natal Nutrition & Priming the Bump

Image: ©2013 Diets in Review

Kitchen #2 is OPEN!

I launched CAN CAN Cleanse in San Francisco in December 2010. In the months leading up to the launch, I was juicing, blending and brewing up cleanses in my cozy SF apartment. My 3 roommates wondering what the heck I was doing staying up until well past midnight making "witch potions" yet always being so gracious and supportive allowing me to reign over the kitchen to the sound of my juicer and use every nook and cranny of the refrigerator (EB, Vale & Kristi, I'm so lucky to still call you all friends!)

It has been quite a journey for me personally and profesionally during these years of growth. I've enjoyed A LOT of juice, connected with thousands of wonderful clients, engaged with all sorts of like-minded industry folks, built a family of amazing employees, in addition to building a family of my own (B is 16 months old!) and now, with much pride, I celebrate the birth of my second business baby - CAN CAN Los Angeles!!!

We made it! From SF to LA. Kitchen is open. Juices are flowing.

We hope our SoCal friends will love cleansing with us. Yay!  


Fat is your friend!

Fats have been getting a bad rap since the 1990s--in the age of Skittles and Snackwells--when Fat Free diets were praised and those foods on which our ancestors thrived for years (butter, yogurt, lard) were discouraged. As a result, many of us are ingrained to think that the fat free yogurt or the skim milk options are more healthy. We even avoid butter at all costs because we believe saturated fats will clog your arteries.

Well the fact is that fats are good for us. For starters, our brain is comprised of 60% fat. It is essential for growth and development, provides energy, and helps the body absorb nutrients. Foods such as carrots, tomatoes, leafy greens, which are comprised of fat soluable vitamins (A, E, K, and D), are more efficiently absorbed when fats are present.

 But, there is a catch...not all fats are created equal and can be compromised in your kitchen.

 Here is a quick list to help you identify which fats are good and which to avoid: 


Hot Uses:



Coconut Oil

Full Fat Dairy





Cold Uses:

Olive Oil

Sesame Oil

Nut Oils & Butters

Flaxseed Oil

Avocado Oil

Nuts & Seed Oils

* Unrefined, pasture-raised/grass-fed & organic sources are ideal




Hydrogenated Oils

Trans Fats

Buttery “spreads”


Canola Oil

Corn Oil

Vegetable Oil

Grapeseed Oil

Soybean Oil

Sunflower Oil

I was surprised to find butter and lard on the “good” list but it’s important to know that quality is key. Butter from pasture-raised cattle in an organic environment have a richer source of omega 3 fatty acids than conventionally raised dairy cattle.

Not only is the quality important but also how each fat is used in the kitchen. Come to find out that using olive oil to saute or broil my dinner is not the best choice. Olive oil (along with all unsaturated fats) is very healthy in its natural state but when heated, the health benefits are altered and oxidation occurs. Thus, you are left with a damaged fat. To avoid this from happening, it is recommended to use only unsaturated fats for drizzling at the end of the meal (think olive oil on your salad or steamed vegetables). If you need to heat your food, you should choose a saturated fat which burns at a higher temperature, thus decreasing your exposure to oxidative stress.

 Below are some ways to add healthy fats to your morning routine...


Full Fat Yogurt + Berries + Walnuts/Granola

I like European style yogurt but Greek is thicker and has more protein.

Oatmeal + Flax seeds + Fruit

Flax seeds need to be ground in order for your body to utilize its benefits.

2 Whole Eggs + Veggies (or add eggs to half of an avocado!)

No, not just egg whites, yolks are the best part for you!

Fruit Smoothie + Avocado

Avocados help thicken it up and contain more potassium than a banana!

Sprouted Wheat Toast + Nut Butter

I like the Ezekiel Bread brand or any gluten free bread. Make sure to look for nut butters without any added sugar, Justin's brand is great!


Contributed by Laura Lemon

Student at Bauman College of Holistic Nutrition, Nutrition Consultant Program

Sources: Bauman, E., Friedlander, J. Foundations of Nutrition. Penngrove: Bauman College, 2013. Sanfilippo, Diane. Practical Paleo: A Customized Approach to Health and a Whole-foods Lifestyle. Las Vegas: Victory Belt, 2012.Farshchian, Thalia. "Blog." Eat Life Whole. N.p., 30 Jan. 2013. Web. 05 Sept. 2013. Image: Brones, Anna. "Sunday Recipe: Baked Egg in an Avocado with Parsley and Goat Cheese" EcoSalon. N.p., 27 May 2012. Web. 05 Sept. 2013.

LA, Time to CAN CAN!


We're ready to start CAN CAN'ing in LA! Wooohooo! My kitchen team and I are so, so excited! Yesterday and today we set the kitchen a buzz as we tested and sampled juices. Yum! We will be in the kitchen on Monday preparing 1- 2- 3- 4- 5-day cleanses for Tuesday, September 3rd - our official Day #1! We cannot wait to meet our first LA clients. Please help us spread the word around LA. Thank you!

We're looking forward to having you CAN CAN with us! :)

Please hop on our purchase page to schedule your cleanse or call us: 310.736.2244. We ask for 48 hours advanced notice as we make all our cleanses to-order, but do our best to accommodate last minute orders too!

See you soon, LA!


Shortly after the New Year, I got a text from my dear college friend, "When's CAN CAN LA opening?"

I smiled and laughed out loud. There had been a lot of thoughts (and dreams) and even more client inquries about CAN CAN expansion, but 2012 had been a year of personal growth ~ my son arrived! He was 6 months old at the time I received the text and the thought of opening another CAN CAN? Was I ready for that? 

I called my friend right away thinking he was joking and just wanted to say, "Hi." Oh no, he was all business and presented a thoughful and exciting oppotunity for me/CAN CAN. He was building a new kitchen space, how could I say no? 

I said, Yes! 

Fast forward 7 months to today; the kitchen has been built and it's time to start juicing! Los Angeles, are you ready to CAN CAN?

I couldn't be more thrilled about CAN CAN's move south to share our seasonal cleanse programs with friends and friends-of-friends in the Los Angeles area. Starting Tuesday, September 3rd, we will be preparing our Summer menu and inviting Angelenos to treat their bodies to "a spa retreat for the insides." A time for the body (& mind) to rest, relax and rejuevenation while sipping on our array of delicious beverages. Yay!

For questions or more info please call 310.736.2244 or book your cleanse now on our website.

A reminder to please keep up with us on Facebook & Twitter, too!

...and my giant THANK YOU to those of you who have supported and encouraged me along the way. Family, friends and clients ~ you're amazing! And to my SF & LA teams, you gals and guys are the absolute best and I'm so happy to have you as part of our CAN CAN family!

Boost Fertility With Food!


You are what you eat. Y'all have heard that one before, no? With many more couples facing the challenge of conceiving (babies truly are life's most precious gifts), diet and healthy lifestyle are two huge factors that you can improve to boost your fertility. Eating the right foods are super important when you're preparing to make a baby - for both woman & man. What are the right foods? Good question. Emily Wade Adams, founder of Natal Nutrition, dear friend and CAN CAN Cleanse blog contributor, has launched a brand new 14-Day Prep Program called Priming the Bump

I was lucky enough to sneak peek the program and Emily has successfully bundled useful information and recipes into an easy to follow, step-by-step program. The program is inspirational, educational and filled with simple tips, shopping lists, and online resources. Emily also schedules a one-on-one consultation with you.

Friends, if you're trying to make a baby or planning to soon, start by knowing what to eat and get your bodies primed! 

Thank you (& Congrats!), Emily for creating is wonderful prep program!


photo by Doriana S

Easy on the Salt!


Have you seen the news? Recently, Yale researchers identified a high-salt diet as a potential factor for autoimmune diseases like MS, asthma and eczema.

It seems that every day, more and more research like this emerges, supporting the notion that most illnesses - even those with a genetic factor - are preventable with proper diet and lifestyle.

Unfortunately, proper diet and lifestyle require something that most Americans are short on: time & energy. Time for menu planning, food shopping, cooking and cleaning, not to mention an hour a day for exercising. 

But cooking is crucial because it gives you control. When you can control what goes into your food, you have much greater control over your health. Since prepared foods aren't as fresh as those that you make at home, they require additives like salt, sugar, and preservatives to maintain a good taste. As we see with the Yale study, it's additives like these that can be so detrimental to good health. 

OK, so maybe you're convinced that attention to what we eat and how we live is necessary. But in our busy lives, is it sustainable? What if you're wokring, have children at home, or both? How can you maintain a healthy diet without cooking and cleaning every single day, three times a day?

A few tips:

1. Preparation: Dedicate one of your days off to menu planning, shopping, and preparing as much as possible for the week ahead. Wash and chop veggies, make hard-boiled eggs, prepare dressings or sauces....you can even cook meats ahead of time and gently re-heat them in the sauce pan.

2. Hire help: A natural chef is an investment, but it can be a time- and sanity-saver. If you have the extra cash flow, hiring a natural chef to help out at home a few days a week can removed the burden of healthy cooking. 

3. Mix it up: Find a few healthy pre-made "cheats" (for example, the salad bar at your local grocery, a pre-roasted whole organic chicken, or the cup of soup from the corner bistro) and pepper them into your weekly menu for the sake of simplicity.

4. Read lables: Avoid anything with added sweeteners, added salt, artificial ingredients, or words you don't understand.

In terms of salt specifically, potassium can help balance excess sodium intake. Potassium is found in bananas, yes, but even more so in leafy greens like swiss chard and spinach, mushrooms, papaya, and many other vegetables and fruits.

A juice fast is also a tasty way to reset your sodium/potassium balance and help prevent the health issues associated with high salt intake.

It can be a challenge to worry about preventing autoimmune problems before they begin, but addressing them now not only helps you avoid them, but also boosts all areas of your health. By eating a proper diet, you give your body the best chance at maintaining a healthy weight, delaying the signs of aging, and preserving your energy.

Energy you'll need - for the kitchen.


- Emily Wade Adams, Certified Nutrition Consultant at Natal Nutrition and Priming the Bump: Achieving Fertility Naturally.

Seasonal Eating, Yes!


Watermelon. Raspberries. Zucchini. Tomatoes. Summer's gardens are a veritable bounty of mouth-watering fruit & vegetables, bursting with flavor and nutrients. But now that we can get these foods year-round, why should we bother stocking up on them now?

Eating seasonally is one of the pillars of designing a healthy diet, and for good reason. Nature provides the nutrients we need exactly when we need them to ensure optimal health. Before we were able to enjoy peaches in February, we had a very limited time to indulge in these delicious sweets. And, guess what? We didn't suffer as many preventable health problems as we do today.

Perhaps that's because most of our summer foods do an excellent job of preparing us for winter. Chock-full of vitamins, minerals, and phytonutrients, these fruit & veggies exert potent antioxidant power to get our immune systems in tip-top shape and protect our cardiovascular systems. The complex carbohydrates so plentiful in summer used to help fatten us up for impending fall & winter, when we were forced to rely on limited amounts of wild game, root vegetables, nuts, seeds, and traditional storage techniques (root cellars, pickling, canning and iceboxes).

In-season foods improve health because they have more nutrients. Many vitamins and phytonutrients are denatured with exposure to oxygen, light or heat. So the longer you have to wait to eat a vegetable after it's been picked, the fewer nutrients it offers. One of the benefits of eating seasonal produce is that it can be grown & sold locally, which cuts down the time between harvest & a fresh salad on your plate. And many local growers choose not to use harmful pesticides, so even non-organic seasonal foods can be safer. Plus, as anyone who has ever tried to eat a tomato or avocado out-of-season can tell you, the taste of fresh produce is beyond compare.

Seasonal foods also provide a perfect counterpoint to the climate. When it's hot out, a big sweet potato or winter squash just isn't appealing. But berries, cucumbers, and mint? Bring it on!

Besides being a healthy way to eat, eating seasonally is usually less expensive. Take watermelons, for example. Watermelons can be grown nearly anywhere in the summertime, but if your craving occurs in winter, your watermelon will likely be shipped in from a warmer locale. Shipping requires fuel, and we all know how expensive that is nowadays! In addition, foods grow well when they're in season, so there is a greater supply available, which also drives the price down.

Affordable, healthy & better-tasting? Sounds like three great reasons to dive into summer produce with abandon. Enjoy!

-Emily Wade Adams, Certified Nutrition Consultant at Natal Nutrition and Priming the Bump: Achieving Fertility Naturally

Why Watermelon?

We picked Watermelon as the fruit to support your body as we take you one step closer to a real fast; true abstinence from food. Watermelon is roughly 92% water and very low calorie, yet an excellent source of antioxidants as well as vitamin C, A, B1 & B6, beta-carotene, magnesium, potassium and lycopene (the carotenoid that makes watermelon that pretty red/pink).* While "fasting" you'll be peeing plenty (flush those kidneys!) as watermelon is also a powerful diuretic. Not a bad thing when you're cleansing! We're fans of and believers in the benefits of intermittent fasting and are thrilled to help ease you further into the practice with our Summer 1-Day Watermelon Cleanses! 


*Watermelon info sourced from The Encyclopedia of Healing Foods, by Michael Murray

Summer = Love!

Oh yes! We love Summer! It's up there for the most favorite season of the year, agree?! We actually allow ourselves much deserved R & R. We leave work early or take off days even weeks. We happily wake up early and if we're lucky, we watch the sun go down late. We go for long walks, runs, rides, bikes, swims, etc. We splash in small to large masses of water. We wear hats and sunglasses, yet we don't wear shoes or shirts. We seize and worship the sunlight hours or go in search if the weather doesn't cooperate. We re-up our vitamin D intake. We eat lots of fresh fruits including honest to goodness local heirloom tomatoes. We look forward to our Summer cleanse and thoroughly enjoy every sip.

Welcome CAN CAN Summer! May this season be filled with much rest and relaxation! 


Detoxing for Fertility


Flowers are blooming, baseball's in full swing...June is officially busting out all over. A fresh feeling of newness and rebirth is palpable, and babies seem to be on everyone's mind. It's easy to see where June gets its name (from the Latin iuniores, or "young ones").

For those couples feeling the spring fever to conceive their own baby, it's also a great time to start detoxing. Eliminating toxins now helps boost fertility while preventing dangerous compounds from affecting fetal development.

When you're preparing to conceive, some of the most important toxins to avoid and eliminate are heavy metals and xenoestrogens.

Heavy metals like mercury and lead can contribute to low sperm counts, low progesterone, breast cancers, and severe birth defects and developmental problems. Mercury is most commonly found in silver dental amalgams and large contaminated fish. Lead can be found in everything from old paint to lipstick to soil.

Xenoestrogens are chemicals that the body mistakes for estrogen. In women, estrogen must be in balance with progesterone, so too many xenoestrogens can contribute to a progesterone deficiency. Excess estrogen is also associated with the polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS). But xenoestrogens don't only affect women. They can also damage the DNA of men's sperm, leading to infertility, miscarriage, birth defects, or cancer. In addition, xenoestrogens can make babies more likely to suffer from behavioral problems or obesity later in life. Some common xenoestrogens are pthalates (found in PVC, personal care products, cleaning agents, and contaminated food), parabens (preservatives found in personal care products and contaminated food), BPA (found in soft plastics and the lining of most canned foods), food coloring, birth control pills, PCBs (industrial chemicals most often found in large contaminated fish) and DDT (a banned pesticide found in contaminated food). 

Phytoestrogens occur naturally in foods. Still, they too can raise estrogen to fertility-blocking levels. The most common phytoestrogen is soy, and many natural fertility experts recommend that couples avoid it. Perhaps an even more compelling argument for eliminating soy is that over 91% of soy is now genetically modified - and GM soy and corn have been found to decrease fertility in animal studies.

Cleansing gives the body's detox systems a break from everyday demands, allowing detox organs like the liver to focus on safely excreting toxins like heavy metals and xenoestrogens. After detoxifying, couples can prevent further exposure by eating organic foods, choosing smaller fish, and selecting consumer products. 

So as you spring forward towards parenthood, consider taking baby steps: start with a cleanse. Then you can get to the fun part. 


-Emily Wade Adams, Certified Nutrition Consultant at Natal Nutrition and Priming the Bump: Achieving Fertility Naturally.

Mouni Nguyen, photo credit

Wedding Season!

One of our dearest clients is getting married this weekend! Woohoo! She's cleansing with us this week in preparation and we couldn't be more delighted to help her relax and feel her best as she's about to enjoy the best weekend of her life! I smile just thinking about her smiling as everyone who loves her smiles back. That's a lot of smiling! Wish everyday could be a wedding day. What a feeling!

I'd like to extend this feeling of joy and happiness to our bride & groom clients (and their families & friends) who are celebrating this Summer! Congrats! Congrats! 


Our Nut Milk in SF Magazine!

For those of you who haven't heard, we've launch CAN CAN Nut Milk! Big thank you to Sara Deseran at San Francisco Magazine for the lovely write-up in the June issue, Milk of the Moment! That's our milk!




We are very proud to be able to offer the Bay Area another service to further our passion for providing healthy, organic, plant-based goodness for your bodies! Checkout CAN CAN Nut Milk and if you're a fan please follow-us on Facebook, Twitter & Pinterest for the latest in the world of nut milks. Yay!


Gluten-Free: Healthy or Hype?


In the past month alone, your babysitter went wheat-free, your nephew was diagnosed Celiac, and your grocery store expanded to create a new gluten-free section.

What is all the fuss about? Is it something we all need to worry about? Or is gluten-free just a fad?

Gluten sensitivity is, in fact, on the rise. Celiac disease is at least 4 times more common today than it was 50 years ago (1), and that doesn't even include the increases in reported sensitivities and intolerances. Some reports show that 40% of Americans suffer from gluten-related health problems (2).

There is not one widely accepted reason for these skyrocketing gluten sensitivity rates, but there are several theories that may explain this rise:


  • The Hygiene Hypothesis. Some experts claim that our love affair with Purell has created an environment that is too clean, resulting in weaker immune systems that can't handle gluten (3).


  • Wheat processing. We've been changing the ways we use and eat wheat. Many of the foods we eat today didn't exist 50 years ago. So while wheat may not have caused a problem for our ancestors, it can be argued that these new 'foods' and processing methods are to blame for the rise of gluten sensitivity.


  • Wheat hybridization. Today's grains have been modified to contain much more gluten than ancient strains (4). Why? Because gluten gives breads & pastas a lighter, fluffier texture, and that's what consumers want.


  • Earlier exposure. Children are exposed to glutinous grains earlier than ever before (for example, cereal grains) (5).


  • Lack of bacteria. Despite the popularity of probiotics, this theory maintains that we still aren't supporting our beneficial flora enough. Studies show that oru intestinal microbes can mitigate reactions to gluten - but only if we have a healthy community of bacteria living in our gut (6). 


  • Lack of breastfeeding. Nowadays, we know that breastfeeding helps inoculate babies with good bacteria, provides protective antibodies, and helps babies develop immunity. One study found that babies who continued to breastfeed after their first exposure to gluten were more protected against gluten sensitivities (6). In general, nursing helps prevent allergies of all kinds. Unfortunately, people didn't always know about these benefits. Adults who were bottle-fed may be more susceptible to gluten allergy and intolerance.


  • Less variety in our diets. We're busy people. And sometimes a freezer pizza or 9-minute pasta is all we can bear to whip up after a long day at the office. Problem is, when we don't get variety in our diet, we are more susceptible to developing food sensitivities (7). And with all that bread, pasta & cake in our day-to-day diet, wheat is one of the foods we seem to be eating all the time.


  • Humans were never meant to eat grains. Some nutritionists argue that grains were never meant for human consumption. Looking back to our caveman ancestors and their paleolithic diet, these researchers contend that we were meant to eat meats and vegetables, and our health problems only arose after we switched to grain-based diet (8).

Whatever the reason behind the rising rates, it appears that gluten-free isn't going away anytime soon. And that may be for good reason. I've personally watched patients lose weight, banish heartburn, and manage autoimmune conditions just by eliminating gluten for 2-4 weeks. While not everyone's health will improve by going gluten-free, my practice has proven it to be a worthwhile experiment.

-Emily Wade Adams, author of Natal Nutrition



Food Grade Cleaning Solution

I recently attended a very inspiring wellness event that discussed the importance of plants not just in our diet, but as ingredients in our make-up, hair products and cleaning supplies. These products should and can be made with food grade ingredients vs chemicals. Yes, snack on your lipstick, stir-fry with your lotion, and clean your windows and mirrors with vinegar - they're organic! The message delivered was, "If you wouldn't eat it, why would you put it on your body or spray it in your home?" So, so true!

Rather than feeling totally defeated and throwing everything out from my medicine cabinet and from under the sink, I first focused on what I was doing well; Yay! I do use coconut oil religiously as my lotion and love it! Second, I hopped online to research recipes for cleaning supplies. Third, vowed to never buy another bottle of Windex. Small steps that make a huge difference for our bodies, minds, and for our planet.

Very easy, incredibly cheap and without a doubt tastier (I'm not suggesting you drink it, but you could!), here is my recipe for a homemade cleaning solution. Works awesome on counter tops, glass, mirrors, stainless appliances, sinks, etc. I've never been so excited to clean!

Happy, healthy cleaning!


Homemade Lemon Herbed Cleaning Solution


  • 1/4 cup white vinegar
  • 1 tbs corn starch
  • 2 cups warm water
  • 1 sprig of thyme (removed stem, finely chopped)
  • 1/2 sprig of fresh rosemary (remove stem, finely chopped)
  • rind of 1/2 of a lemon

Other Supplies:

  • (2) Spray Bottles


Soak lemon rind in vinegar for 24 hours (or 2 weeks if you can wait that long). Remove rind and discard. Mix infused vinegar, corn starch & water until corn starch is dissolved. Add thyme & rosemary. Shake well. Pour solution into spray bottles and store. Shake before use.

A Deep Breath & A Glass of Water


Amid today's onslaught of fad diets, superfood fanaticism, food allergies, and - yes - even cleanses, sometimes it's easy to forget two of the most health-promoting basics: oxygen & water.

The body can't store oxygen, which is why we must breathe continually. With each breath, oxygen travels through the lungs to the bloodstream and to every cell in the body. Inside the cells, oxygen is required to produce energy so we can think, move, see, feel...in short, so we can live. Without oxygen, brain damage or death can occur within minutes.

According to Dr. Andrew Weil, "The more air you move, the healthier you will be, because the functioning of all systems of the body depends on delivery of oxygen and removal of carbon dioxide." (1) Research support his statement, which is why aerobic exercise is so important.

During aerobic exercise, increased oxygen helps remove more waste products (like carbon dioxide and lactic acid) and release more feel-good endorphins. Over time, aerobic exercise helps us reduce the risk of many health problems, lose weight, boost immunity, feel good, and it can even help us live longer. (2)

Deep breathing exercises are another way to get more oxygen into the body.

When it comes to water, you've probably heard that you should drink 8 glasses a day.

Water accounts for roughly 60% of body weight. A healthy person may be able to survive for 3-5 days without water, but more fragile compositions (like those of babies) might only survive a few hours without water.

In the body, water is essential for detox because it flushes dangerous compounds from our bodies. In addition, the same energy production cycle that requires oxygen also requires water. "Even mild dehydration can drain your energy and make you feel tired," according to the Mayo Clinic. (3)

Water also helps make nutrients more accessible for the cells. For example, Vitamins B & C are "water-soluble," meaning that they can't be absorbed or used without water to help dissolve them.

The easiest way to measure if you're drinking enough water? Your urine should be almost colorless.

In short, while you may be able to live without tasting the latest superfood, you simply can't survive - or thrive - without oxygen & water. What's more, you can easily increase your health as you increase your intake of oxygen and (in many cases) water. So go ahead and fill your lungs & your water bottle. It might just help your health even more than that cabbage soup diet.

-Emily Wade Adams, Natal Nutrition

Sources:(1) Dr. Weil  (2) Mayo Clinic (3) Mayo Clinic

Nut Milk To Your Door!

We've been busy-busy here at CAN CAN! We love what we do so it's easy for us to dream up and then execute on our mission; helping provide honest, whole food, feel-good experiences that encourage and support overall better health and wellness for you! That's quite a cause! We're not only thankful for the support and feedback we've received from our clients, but we continue to be inspired to provide you services to fuel your bodies with the "right stuff."

What is the right stuff to buy when a carton of good old fashioned cow's milk just won't do?

Which rice, soy, hemp, almond, coconut, original-almond-coconut, chocolate, naturally sweetened, vanilla sweetened, vegan, low-fat, no-fat "milk" do you buy?


We also like to keep stuff simple.

If you didn't have a chance to read, Janny Hu of the San Francisco Chronicle's piece on Nut milk alternatives pour it on piece that ran in Sunday's paper, please do. 

If you hop, skip and jump down to the bottom of the piece, Janny announced our new service, CAN CAN Nut Milk - Yay! Launching April 23rd. We're oh-so-thrilled to offer our clients as well as friends and families abound fresh, small batch, organic nut milks direct to your doorstep. In true old-school milkman fashion. Our simple, short-list ingredient nut milks handmade in our kitchen and delivered yours so you and your family may enjoy a healthy, tasty, dairy-free alternative anytime of day!

Please join CAN CAN Nut Milk's mailing list to receive more info & updates.


Cheers to honest nut milk!

The Power is Here!

I'm pretty excited about this one! And, I hope our clients who love to workout and hate to miss a beat at the gym when cleansing, will be too :) Delicious Chia Fruit Juice and Sunrise Nut Milk jump into the mix of our seasonal CAN CAN Cleanse following the same format, but with additional healthy, dense, pure whole-food goodness (albeit in liquid form). The Power is crafted to support your body and excite your palate as you CAN CAN! 

Introducing The (New!) Power cleanse, Yay! Yay! Try it!


The Leprechaun Green Glow!


I believe that those cheery little leprechauns are glowing not just from discovering a pot of gold (or drinking a pint of green beer). Such long, healthy looking beards have me believing that these jolly little men are getting their veggies somehow. Wheatgrass shots? 

We too love an excuse to celebrate and sip green beverages! Our celebration - you & your health! So take advantage of your special discount on our Green Cleanses (1, 3, or 5-Day) and raise a CAN CAN jar of green juice!

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

A Process for Keepin' it "Fresh"


Juice fast programs are quickly growing in popularity, so it is no surprise that cleanses are popping up on grocery store shelves nationwide. The extended shelf life of these grocery store juices is made possible by a new juicing pasteurization technique called High Pressure Processing (HPP). 

Traditional pasteurization is a relatively new technique designed to kill bacteria and microorganisms in order to prevent food-borne illness. It became popular in the US in the 20th century, around the same time that urbanization, processed foods and mass food production became the norm.

Until recently, pasteurization used heat, which decreased nutritional content. This made it unsuitable for juicing programs - after all, getting those nutrients is the whole point of embarking on a juice cleanse. With the new technique of HPP, however, bacteria are eliminated without altering nutritional content (for the most part). 

HPP functions by applying high pressure to liquids. "During HPP, foods are subjected to pressures up to 100,000 psi. which destroy pathogenic microorganisms by interrupting their cellular functions," according to High Pressure Dynamics, Inc. (a producer of HPP equipment). 

So what's the catch? Well, since it's still a pretty new technology, there isn't a ton of research on HPP processing or its potential side effects. But some studies show that when HPP kills the harmful bacteria in juice, it also deactivates beneficial bacteria and enzymes.

Unpasteurized, unprocessed, raw fruit juices (derived from a cold-pressing process) are a rich source of live enzymes. And these phytonutrients offer a plethora of health benefits, from aiding digestion and reducing inflammation to sinusitis relief and wound healing. In other words, they're a crucial component of any detox program - or healthy food.

So what's the bottom line on this new juicing technology? Well, on the one hand, nutrient-rich juices can now be made available in places that might otherwise not have access to them. That's a great thing! And HPP seems like an improvement over traditional pasteurization in that it preserves more nutrients.

On the other hand, it's still a form of processing and pasteurization. If HPP kills bacteria by interrupting cellular processes, it's doubtful that all of the juice's holistic benefits can remain intact. There haven't been enough credible scientific studies to unequivocally prove otherwise - that's one of the risks of using new technology.

As a nutritionist, I tend to err on the side of caution. Better safe now than sorry later. So when I refer my clients to a juice fast program, I point them towards a cold-pressed local option whenever possible.

-Emily Wade Adams, Natal Nutrition 


Additional Sources:


Yay! Cleanse Giveaway!


Today CAN CAN is kicking off a contest with Cuppow! Cuppow's inventive lids allow you to easily drink from your CAN CAN jars. We know many of our CAN CAN'ers cleanse on-the-go and these lids are the perfect solution to help you sip your delicious juices without worrying about spills.

To be entered to win, follow these quick steps:

     1. Follow CAN CAN on Pinterest

     2. Create a board that contains "CAN CAN Cleanse" in the title.

     3. Add at least 5 pins that you think embody the CAN CAN brand.

     4. Be creative and have fun!

We'll giveaway a 1-Day CAN CAN Cleanse and Cuppow lid to the winner!* The contest runs through Friday, March 8th at 5pm and we'll announce the winner shortly thereafter.

Happy CAN CAN'ing!


*please note that due to our local distribution, this giveaway is being offered to SF Bay Area friends and fans. However, if you're not in the Bay Area and you wish to participate and gift the prize to a Bay Area friend or family member, please do!

We Heart Chocolate


Hearts and roses aside, there is perhaps no better representation of Valentine's Day than chocolate. There bittersweet confection has a rich history, artisanal tradition, and even enjoys superfood status. So whether you're enjoying chocolate-covered strawberries with a sweetie or treating your single self to truffles, rest assured that an occasional indulgence offers a host of health benefits. 

Romantic Origins

Cacoa beans - the source of all chocolate - have long been a venerated crop. In parts of Central America, cacao beans were even used as currency as recently as the last century.

But cacao has a sensual side, too. Chocolate became known as an aphrodisiac in the 17th century - a quality that today's scientific research justifies. Two particular neurotransmitters found in chocolate are known to create euphoria and mimic THC in marijuana. Maybe that's why it feels so good to bite into a bar!

Money, love - and a delicious flavor? It's no wonder Americans love chocolate. In fact, we eat about 12 pounds of chocolate per person annually. This year, we're projected to spend $1.6 billion on Valentine's Day candy alone. Even US Army rations include chocolate bars, and US astronauts take it to space with their supplies.

Creating Chocolate

Surprisingly, chocolate is a fermented bean product at its core. White cacao beans are harvested, fermented and dried, turning brown in the process. Chocolatiers buy the dried beans and then clean, weigh, blend, roast and shell them using their own secret recipes. The shelled cacao nibs are ground, melting into chocolate liquor - the (non-alcoholic) liquid form of pure chocolate. Poured into mold and cooled, chocolate liquor hardens inot unsweetened baking chocolate. To make cocoa from these blacks, cocoa butter is removed. For chocolate, cocoa butter is added, along with sugar and other ingredients.

Nutritional Highlights

Chocolate is rich in plant sterols and flavonoids, compounds that support healthy cardiovascular function. Chocolate, therefore, may help lower cholesterol, prevent blood clots, and protect against arterial damage. Flavonoids also have strong antioxidant capabilities that help fight allergy, inflammation, and even cancer. 

Selecting Sweets

Despite appearances that may suggest otherwise, not all chocolate is created equal. When choosing your chocolate, label reading is a must. The purest, healthiest chocolates include ingredients such as cacao, unsweetened chocolate liquor, cocoa butter, sugar, vanilla, salt, or milk.

Avoid chocolates with additives like corn syrup, partially hydrogenated oils (PHOs) or flavoring. Sometimes, it's not even real chocolate in those heart-shaped boxes; many pre-packaged confections are simply "chocolate-flavored candy." Read the fine print and be picky!

Also, the healthy nutrients in chocolate increase with its cocoa content, so select the darkest chocolate possible to take full advantage of its benefits.

A Final Reminder

While pure chocolate is one of the healthiest kinds of sweet treats, it still contains sugar, caffeine, and potent natural compounds that may be addictive. Moderation is always advisable.


Happy Valentine's Day!

-Emily Wade Adams, author of Natal Nutrition

photo credit: Amber Kercmar

Murray, M., Pizzorno, J., & Pizzorno, L. (2005). The Encyclopedia of Healing Foods. The Healing Power of Miscellaneous Foods. New York: Atria.  

Weil, A. (2004) Natural Health, Natural Medicine. New York: Hougton Mifflin. 

Keep Up With Us!


What would we do without online communication with our clients?! We'd be lonely. We welcome you to join us, watch us, follow us, friend us, tweet us, pin us! Wow, that's a lot of keeping up with us! If you're a friend, fan, supporter and CAN CAN enthusiast, we welcome you to find us online as we share CAN CAN news, updates, secrets, inspirations, goodies & specials with you.

Not to mention social media allows each and every one of you to share cleanse stories, celebrate, commiserate and ultimately commend one another on your cleanse victories! Yippppeee!





See y'all on the www!

Tips to keep healthy lifestyle 2013 going!


So you've completed a juice fast, sworn off sweets for the month and lost a few pounds, Congratulations! Now keep that good health and weight loss going. Maintain your momentum by incorporating a few of these simple tips into your new healthy lifestyle.


  • Eat Lots of Vegetables. Per the FDA, half of every meal should be vegetables and fruits. Perhaps that translates to a big salad for lunch and a mostly-veggie dinner. At restaurants, order a salad before your meal to commit to eating lots of veggies. A good variety of different kinds of seasonal vegetables will ensure you get a broad spectrum of nutrients.


  • Consumer Organic & Grass-Fed Meat, Dairy & Eggs. Conventionally raised animal products contain hormones, antibiotics and pesticide residues. These compounds have been linked to weight gain, endocrine/hormone disruption and breast cancer, among other health problems. Grass-fed or pastured animal products have higher levels of anti-inflammatory omega-3 fatty acids so they are more heart-healthy. Finally, the Center for Disease Control (CDC) calls antibiotic resistance one of the world's most pressing health problems, so reducing your exposure to antibiotic-laced animal products may help stop the spread of antibiotic-resistant "superbugs" like MRSA. 


  • Hunger is the Enemy of Healthy Eating! Always make sure you make a plan and have healthy snacks on hand. Dedicate one day a week to plan, shop and prep your food.


  • Read Labels. Even the prepared vegetarian sushi rolls at Whole Foods contain added sugar. Reading labels can help you avoid unnecessary and potentially harmful additives like sugar, MSG, and synthetic fillers. In the words of Michael Pollan, "If you can't say it, don't eat it."


  • Avoid Processed & Refined Foods like Sugar & Flour. Choose whole grains in order to consumer fewer calories and keep your blood sugar levels stable. Even flours made from whole grains, while slightly more nutritious, can lead to insulin resistance and diabetes over time. And artificial sweeteners are even worse than real sugar. If you have a sweet tooth, reach for whole fruits, dried fruits, or - if you must - natural sweeteners that are minimally processed (think: honey, maple syrup, or blackstrap molasses).


  • Drink Lots of Water. Lots! The solution to pollution is diution. At least 64 oz a day. This will help your liver and kidneys filter out toxins even when you're not cleansing. Get a water bottle, fill it up in the morning, and sip away.


  • Cook with Saturated Fats. Butter, lard or coconut oil. Use olive oil for everything else, but don't heat it. Here's why.


  • Relax! Stress raises a hormone called cortisol, produced by our adrenal glands. Cortisol can cause weight gain. Taking a few minutes everyday to consciously relax and breathe deeply can help bring cortisol levels back to normal.


  • Exercise. People with more muscle burn more calories, even at rest. And, since muscle tissue burns more calories than fat tissue does, building lean muscle mass is a key factor in any weight loss plan. Do something - anything - to build lean muscle mass daily. 10 push-ups, taking the stairs. Make it easy, fun and just do it.


  • Keep a Food Journal. Pay attention to what, when and how much you eat. In one study, women who kept a food journal lost 6 pounds more than those who didn't. 


  • Sleep! Getting enough good-quality sleep is essential for weight loss. In addition, adequate sleep it crucial to stress reduction.


As you can see, it's not just what you eat that impacts your health and weight. Various nutrition and lifestyle factors influence well-being. A holistic approach can help you continue your journey towards good health even after making changes to your diet.

- Emily Wade Adams, author of Natal Nutrition

Movie Time!

There is no better time than while on a cleanse to relax and watch a movie. While it's absolutely ok and encouraged to exercise if you're energized (the skin is the body's largest detox organ, so sweat it out!), it's also a perfect time to invest in your health in another way by relaxing. Take this time to practice slowing down and checking out from the go, go, going that our lives embody - all the time. 

If you're like me, sitting down to watch a movie from start to finish can be tough. The movie has to be extremely captivating otherwise I quickly lose interest and fall asleep. You can bet on it. Just shy of the half an hour mark, I'm out. I call it the 28 minute rule.

The 100% exception to the rule is food documentaries. I love them. There are so many out there that deliver powerful, eye-opening messages about the state of our food. They raise awareness and in doing so, further the benefits of a cleanse by offering information that can influence your own life decisions and actions immediately - as well as long after the cleanse has finished. 

Here is a list of my recommended docs:

In the mood for lighter viewing? My recent favorite is Portlandia. Hilarious. Laughing is definitely a wonderful stress reliever and very health promoting, too! 

Happy Movie Watching!

Resolution Week 1

I've been dying to blog about my New Year's Resolution, but I didn't want to jinx myself. Yesterday marked one week; no ice cream, no desserts. Sayonara sugar! 

It's my biggest weakness turned-hobby last year during my pregnancy. Steve and I became best friends and at $6.99 per pint, it's a relationship I'm happy to see go. 

How does the CAN CAN girl kick her bad habit? To be honest, I'm not one to go cold-turkey and while I've replaced Steve with Will (power), I'm not swearing off ice cream or sugary desserts for life. That my friends is bound to backfire and life is too short not to indulge - once in awhile. 

But, I do feel a sense of accomplishment already. My determination as well as my level of happiness have risen in just one week. 

How'd I do it?

Here's my approach:

1. Set one realistic goal 

2. Find someone who will share the same goal (strong-willed boyfriend of mine!)

3. Map out a way to measure your goal

4. Put a large sign on your frig with an inspirational quote or a giant red 'X'

5. Healthy alternatives. For me, incorporating fresh juice (beet, carrot, apple for sweet cravings)

5. Snap a photo and blog about it


This photo captures my last near-polished-off pint of ice cream purchased and enjoyed on NYE. I scooped three more spoonfuls on New Year's Day (it's my B-Day after all!), but as a true test, I'm leaving the leftovers in the freezer and I'll post updates throughout the year.

So here I am; sugar clean the first week of the year. Feeling good and in competition mode - with myself!

I'm winning this one!

Best of luck to you and your resolutions this year! You CAN do it!

Wings & Flu

Today's workout: 25 minutes on the treadmill. Today's news: McDonald's spicy wings hit Chicago (after debuting in Atlanta last year) and worse flu season - delivered in that order. My exercise high turns off. My concern and the monologue in my head take over. More bad news for our nation. I wish I could turn off the TV overhead.

Is there a correlation between what we eat and our health? Yes. I'm not charging McDonald's for causing the widespread flu, but that's just how my mind works. I see two sequential news clips and it seems all too powerful of a message.

I'm very, very fortunate to be able to wake-up in the morning and feel good about the hours I put into my work. CAN CAN is trying to improve health by offering perspective on the detriments of poor food choices, calling out the consequences of food and drink vices & bad habits, bringing awareness to how nutrient-deficient food makes us feel, and - if only for 3 days - trying to remind people what it feels like to feel good and inspire them to give more thought to what they eat after the cleanse.

Amidst the flurry of New Year cleanses, a frenzy for limited time, $2.99 mighty wings.

Imagine what you'd feel like after spicy wings for 3 days? 


Hippocrates needs to up his a campaign, "Let food be thy medicine..."


Kale! Kale! Kale!

Raise your hand if you've eaten or sipped on kale this week? Once a day? Twice a day? 

Post-holidays, my bet is most have upped their intake of greens this week. Good for you! See ya later sugar; 'tis time for more of Nature's candies!

With New Year's resolutions abound, kale is front page news in just about every health and fitness magazine and wellness blog I've read. And you know what, I hope it stays there. Media has a powerful way with words. They create a buzz and the public listens. And this time, I hope you're listening loud and clear. Kale is worth the hype!


                                                                                   photo credit: Amber Kercmar

One of the most highly nutritious vegetables, it is a fantastic source of carotenes (beta-carotene and lutein), vitamin C, B6, B1, B2, E, K, manganese, calcium, copper, and iron. And, as a result offers powerful anticancer benefits. Wow! We all should be eating and sipping kale regularly. 

How do you get your kale?

Me? I sneak it into almost every soup, toss it into any salad, high-speed blend it into fruit smoothies and juice it.

Cheers! To health, happiness and more greens in 2013!