Food Grade Cleaning Solution

I recently attended a very inspiring wellness event that discussed the importance of plants not just in our diet, but as ingredients in our make-up, hair products and cleaning supplies. These products should and can be made with food grade ingredients vs chemicals. Yes, snack on your lipstick, stir-fry with your lotion, and clean your windows and mirrors with vinegar - they're organic! The message delivered was, "If you wouldn't eat it, why would you put it on your body or spray it in your home?" So, so true!

Rather than feeling totally defeated and throwing everything out from my medicine cabinet and from under the sink, I first focused on what I was doing well; Yay! I do use coconut oil religiously as my lotion and love it! Second, I hopped online to research recipes for cleaning supplies. Third, vowed to never buy another bottle of Windex. Small steps that make a huge difference for our bodies, minds, and for our planet.

Very easy, incredibly cheap and without a doubt tastier (I'm not suggesting you drink it, but you could!), here is my recipe for a homemade cleaning solution. Works awesome on counter tops, glass, mirrors, stainless appliances, sinks, etc. I've never been so excited to clean!

Happy, healthy cleaning!


Homemade Lemon Herbed Cleaning Solution


  • 1/4 cup white vinegar
  • 1 tbs corn starch
  • 2 cups warm water
  • 1 sprig of thyme (removed stem, finely chopped)
  • 1/2 sprig of fresh rosemary (remove stem, finely chopped)
  • rind of 1/2 of a lemon

Other Supplies:

  • (2) Spray Bottles


Soak lemon rind in vinegar for 24 hours (or 2 weeks if you can wait that long). Remove rind and discard. Mix infused vinegar, corn starch & water until corn starch is dissolved. Add thyme & rosemary. Shake well. Pour solution into spray bottles and store. Shake before use.

A Deep Breath & A Glass of Water


Amid today's onslaught of fad diets, superfood fanaticism, food allergies, and - yes - even cleanses, sometimes it's easy to forget two of the most health-promoting basics: oxygen & water.

The body can't store oxygen, which is why we must breathe continually. With each breath, oxygen travels through the lungs to the bloodstream and to every cell in the body. Inside the cells, oxygen is required to produce energy so we can think, move, see, short, so we can live. Without oxygen, brain damage or death can occur within minutes.

According to Dr. Andrew Weil, "The more air you move, the healthier you will be, because the functioning of all systems of the body depends on delivery of oxygen and removal of carbon dioxide." (1) Research support his statement, which is why aerobic exercise is so important.

During aerobic exercise, increased oxygen helps remove more waste products (like carbon dioxide and lactic acid) and release more feel-good endorphins. Over time, aerobic exercise helps us reduce the risk of many health problems, lose weight, boost immunity, feel good, and it can even help us live longer. (2)

Deep breathing exercises are another way to get more oxygen into the body.

When it comes to water, you've probably heard that you should drink 8 glasses a day.

Water accounts for roughly 60% of body weight. A healthy person may be able to survive for 3-5 days without water, but more fragile compositions (like those of babies) might only survive a few hours without water.

In the body, water is essential for detox because it flushes dangerous compounds from our bodies. In addition, the same energy production cycle that requires oxygen also requires water. "Even mild dehydration can drain your energy and make you feel tired," according to the Mayo Clinic. (3)

Water also helps make nutrients more accessible for the cells. For example, Vitamins B & C are "water-soluble," meaning that they can't be absorbed or used without water to help dissolve them.

The easiest way to measure if you're drinking enough water? Your urine should be almost colorless.

In short, while you may be able to live without tasting the latest superfood, you simply can't survive - or thrive - without oxygen & water. What's more, you can easily increase your health as you increase your intake of oxygen and (in many cases) water. So go ahead and fill your lungs & your water bottle. It might just help your health even more than that cabbage soup diet.

-Emily Wade Adams, Natal Nutrition

Sources:(1) Dr. Weil  (2) Mayo Clinic (3) Mayo Clinic

Nut Milk To Your Door!

We've been busy-busy here at CAN CAN! We love what we do so it's easy for us to dream up and then execute on our mission; helping provide honest, whole food, feel-good experiences that encourage and support overall better health and wellness for you! That's quite a cause! We're not only thankful for the support and feedback we've received from our clients, but we continue to be inspired to provide you services to fuel your bodies with the "right stuff."

What is the right stuff to buy when a carton of good old fashioned cow's milk just won't do?

Which rice, soy, hemp, almond, coconut, original-almond-coconut, chocolate, naturally sweetened, vanilla sweetened, vegan, low-fat, no-fat "milk" do you buy?


We also like to keep stuff simple.

If you didn't have a chance to read, Janny Hu of the San Francisco Chronicle's piece on Nut milk alternatives pour it on piece that ran in Sunday's paper, please do. 

If you hop, skip and jump down to the bottom of the piece, Janny announced our new service, CAN CAN Nut Milk - Yay! Launching April 23rd. We're oh-so-thrilled to offer our clients as well as friends and families abound fresh, small batch, organic nut milks direct to your doorstep. In true old-school milkman fashion. Our simple, short-list ingredient nut milks handmade in our kitchen and delivered yours so you and your family may enjoy a healthy, tasty, dairy-free alternative anytime of day!

Please join CAN CAN Nut Milk's mailing list to receive more info & updates.


Cheers to honest nut milk!