The Power Itinerary

Fuel your workout!



It’s time for the 3 days of liquids only. Each of the 8 beverages is numbered to guide consumption throughout your day.

#1 : 8:00am*


Chia Fruit Juice (shake well!) 

#2 : 9:00am


Sunrise Nut Milk (shake well, drink cold)


#3 : 10:30am


Green Juice (shake well, add a squeeze of fresh lemon - optional) 

#4 : 12:30pm


Carrot Ginger Soup (shake and heat up) 

#5 : 2:30pm


Grapefruit Mint Juice (shake well) 


#6 : 5:00pm


Green Juice (shake well, add a squeeze of fresh lemon - optional)  


#7 : 7:00pm


Cardamom Almond Milk (shake well)

#8 : 8:00pm


Chamomile Ginger Tea (heat it up, add hot water to it, or drink cold)


Cleanse Tips



*Skew times according to when you wake up. If you consume a beverage early or late, not to worry. It’s important to listen to your body and adjust the timeline to best support you during the 3 days of liquids only.

Drink Water!


It's recommend to drink plenty of water – 64 ounces or more throughout the day. Drinking water further aids in the detoxification process by helping the body to flush out the waste.