As my first CAN CAN’ers of the New Year prepare for their 3-Day cleanses starting on Monday, I share in their motivation and hopes. I feel the promise that 2011 will bring much happiness. I too am preparing for a year of health.

Looking after my own wellbeing before going after my goal of helping thousands of individuals this year with theirs, I’m spending my New Year’s Eve rejuvenating in Bali, Indonesia. As I welcome in the New Year, I also embrace entering my 3rd decade of life (aka my 30th birthday). During this time of growth, I reflect on what great fortune I have had in 2010. There is a sensation far more gratifying about making your dreams come true than waiting for a stroke of luck. Luck involves chance, fortune you can create. I encourage you too, to set goals.

As I wish my 2011 cleansers good luck a much deeper sentiment comes to mind –may you find good fortune. Take time during your cleanse to relax, reflect, stay focused and create a plan to align your actions and thoughts to meet your goals.

Many of us resolve to be healthier with the coming of a new year. I say do not wait another year to follow through on your goals. Create your own fortune. Execute on your positive thinking and achieve your goals - you CAN do it!   

Wishing everyone a Happy and Healthy New Year!

Cocktail Profiling

A cocktail with live-liness, yes please! Mixologists are like scientists and estheticians; studying, experimenting, constructing and transforming in an effort to beautify the classics or age-olds. With a cast of artisan, honest-ingredient cocktails to choose from these days - think fresh basil, lemongrass infused, to fresh fruit purees and muddled mint - explore a cocktail with natural color and character. For those who are swearing off alcohol come 2011, mind these conscious cocktail tips and salute to your health this New Year's Eve.

What to order:

The Basic: choose Soda (no calories) over Tonic (contains refined sugar = calories)

The Fresh Factor: pressed fruit juices (grapefruit, orange) vs sugar-added juices (cranberry, boxed oj)

Citrus Boost: ask for 2 limes, please or an extra squeeze of lemon for an extra shot of vitamin C

The Explorer: drinks containing ginger, herbal tea infusions, spices and fresh herbs for added flavor without the calories (be sure to ask for light or no added sugar)

Water: ask the bartender to add a splash of water or extra ice (water helps maintain 20/20 vision)

Lastly, remember, a cocktail tells a lot about a person. Energy drinks are for party-poopers!

Travel Snack Bars

If you’re traveling by plane this holiday season, you may find yourself at the mercy of airport dining - yikes! The eating options are about as bright as Rudolph’s nose - in a blizzard. To keep you from dashing from kiosk to counter to vending machine and coming up with last year’s chocolate bar, pack the snack ahead of time. Here are my 3 favorite snack bar brands to throw into your carry-on.




A Can do moment

It's inspiring to read peoples' success stories and motivational to watch others achieve goals. However, when you start to involve yourself in helping people achieve their successes, now that is gratifying. Weight loss is a goal I watch many of my clients work towards. It can feel more like a battle with small victories and minor setbacks along the way. I believe in four key components for successful weight loss: determination, patience, nutrition, and exercise. Remember, you didn't gain all those extra pounds overnight so you cannot expect to lose them all overnight.

I started working with Serena 3 years ago. At 28 years old, she was carrying extra weight equivalent to a 10-year-old boy. We completely revamped her diet, changed her eating patterns, and have her cleansing regularly. In addition, Serena's lifestyle now includes hard-core exercise. Go Bootcamp! She recently completed her fifth CAN CAN Cleanse and when I asked her for a recent photo so I could share her success story, this is the one she sent me. I couldn't resist posting! Amazing.


Holiday Hangovers

'Tis the season for holiday cheer! Clinking of glasses and downing of booze is simply unavoidable. It's like a rite of passage into the New Year. 

But why the hangovers? They weren't on this year's wish list.

According to an article by the Institute of Integrative Healthcare Studies, here are three of the reasons alcohol causes hangovers:

1. Alcohol is a diuretic, so drinking too much causes dehydration. Dehydration causes intense headaches, dry mouth and fatigue.

2. In addition to alcohol in and of itself being toxic, the byproduct it it broken down into (namely acetaldehyde) is between 10 and 30 times more toxic than alcohol itself.

3. When alcohol is metabolized, vitamin B is consumed. Thus, some after effects of drinking alcohol are caused by a deficiency of this crucial vitamin. Vitamin B deficiency commonly causes fatigue and grogginess.

If you wake up wishing away these side effects, try gifting your body ginger.


This rhizome ("mass of root") has anti-spasmodic effects, which can help calm nausea and stomach queasiness.

While the English in the 19th century, sprinkled ginger powder in beer (ginger ale), I suggest hydrating with fresh ginger in water

Using a potato peeler, remove the outer skin of the ginger. Continue to generously shave the yellow flesh into a large glass of water. 

CAN CAN Cleanse is Born!


After juicing over one thousand pounds of produce and sampling, weighing and researching the benefits of veggies, fruits, nuts, herbs and spices, CAN CAN Cleanse emerges fresh and full of life! Today marks the launch of CAN CAN Cleanse. Pictured is the very first CAN CAN Cleanse.

I'm excited to announce that the 3-Day Winter Cleanse is ready in time for the holiday season! Or, may I suggest, the post-holiday season, perhaps? I understand how crazy the holiday season can be, but don't forget to be good to your body and gift a cleanse.

Sign-up for your January 2011 cleanse and start out the New Year by feeling good!