Candid Moment

How did you come to discover this was what you were meant to do? The question was posed to me in an interview with career coach Suzannah Scully. Here is my response.

I fully realized CAN CAN Cleanse after years of stocking my toolbox, per say. All of my past experiences built up to my aha moment, but at the time I was living each one, I had no idea. I’ve been helping girlfriends for years talk through and act on weight loss goals. The boost in self-esteem that I was able to give to friends was so rewarding I found inspiration, but never saw it as a career.

I studied holistic nutrition at Bauman College. My reasoning for going back to school was for personal enrichment. Three years later, I’m finally putting my education into practice. I did not dream of owning my own business, but I did dream of doing what makes me happy.

I believe in CAN CAN Cleanse as a personal practice that benefits my overall health. As I started to share this practice with others their happiness reaffirmed my belief in the importance of preventative health through honest food and specifically through seasonal produce and cleansing. It was that feel-good high of helping others with their health and happiness that made me take the leap.

If you are still looking for your aha moment, please read my answers to the other questions from the interview. You may want to ask yourself these same questions to help you find happiness and fulfillment in your work. Please visit Suzannah’s blog.