Picture of Health vs. Balance

I drink coffee and eat croissants. I enjoy wine and eat cheese. I also love sardines straight out of the can and eat sauerkraut as a meal vs. an accoutrement.

For the greater majority of my life, my diet comes in at an A-. While I have tightened-up my health game since the inception of CAN CAN, you'll see me eating dessert and I won't feel like I've just been caught by the paparazzi. 

The picture of health is an aspiration that keeps us motivated and conscientious. It also stresses us out, which I believe to be the biggest health evil. I think of myself like you or like that person you're striving to become. I'm balanced. I practice a balanced lifestyle and I continue to openly evolved as my body adapts to outside influences (environment) and inside influences (age).

My Current Balance:

  • Supportive, Nutritious Whole Foods
  • Tons of Seasonal Vegetables
  • A Little Fruit
  • Lots of Lemon
  • Water, Water, Water
  • Tea, occasional Coffee, Wine or Beer
  • Absolutely NO Soda Pop, Energy Drinks, or Pasteurized Juices
  • Sea Salt & Cayenne Pepper
  • Olive & Coconut Oils
  • Moderate to Heavy Exercise 5-6 Days a Week
  • Water Aerobics 
  • Cooking
  • Travel / Vacation as often as possible
  • Rest & Relaxation
  • Relationships (family, friends, colleagues, mentors, community)

I believe the right balance is happiness. Some days you waiver in a yoga posture; other days you nail it. Be patient with yourself. Practice and commit to making improvements - health, work, relationship-related everyday and do not be discouraged if you have a bad day...because you will.

Have a cup of coffee, but don't have two. Eat the croissant, but make sure it's the best croissant. Drink wine, but have a glass or two, not the whole bottle. Eat cheese and don't feel guilty. Moderation is king. Even the picture of health gets caught in the act...or opts to tell a lie.



More Fruit Juice and Water


These colorful pyramids are from our friends the Fruitarians. I'm especially drawn to the Drinks pyramid in the upper right hand corner. Drink to your health!