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Making Space

A dear friend of mine recently brought up the topic of making space. For her, physically she was purging her closet of old memories to make space, emotionally, for fresh, enlivening thoughts and experiences.

It's a theme and exercise that we all could benefit from. The goal is to make space for greater happiness, more productivity and positivity in our lives as well as to remind us not to get bogged down, to be empowered, move forward and feel good!

Nutritionally speaking, when was the last time you cleaned out your cupboards? Purged your refrigerator of expired goods, wiped out the pantry of caloric-rich foods, with little, if any, nutritional value, or dusted off your juicer and made space on the kitchen counter?

Make time to make space.

Convenience clutters our lives and too many choices have invaded our space. Stocking your refrigerator with the honest, basics - fruits and vegetables - is a great start to working more fresh produce into your diet and don't stop at simply filling the bottom crisper drawers. Think of your frig like your plate and dominate the shelves with produce too.

An abundance of produce is both inspiring and frightening, but now that it's there, time to find ways to work it into your diet. Vegetables for breakfast, yes! Make space on your plate, make veggies your breakfast, or juice your greens. Cast away the sugary fruit flavored yogurt with granola and welcome in eggs with a side of spinach, or a salad in the morning, why not?

Working in a vegetable (or two) for breakfast and you're feeling good! Packing fruit or veggies for mid-morning or afternoon snack and yes, no excuse for the office junk and move over coffee shop snacks. 

Perhaps a trip to the farmers' market this weekend and an hour or two cleaning out the kitchen crannies? It's invigorating when you start making space.

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