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Pause and Perspective

The practice of a short, seasonal cleanse such as CAN CAN is very much about the mental benefits vs the physical. To me, powering through the highs and lows only furthers your understanding of yourself, your eating habits, moods, cravings and at times gives you pause to experience hunger. When was the last time you truly experienced hunger?

After my clients successfully complete the cleanse, many share thoughtful, personal feedback with me about their unique experiences. While many clients don't feel hungry at all while on the cleanse, others do and in these cases willpower, self-restraint and discipline are put to the test.

I'd like to share a recent email I received from a first time cleanser; a client who embraced her maiden CAN CAN voyage, did it and came away with a new perspective on her eating habits.

"You are so right about not knowing what hunger feels like!  I can definitely say now that in the past, most of the time that I've been "hungry", I was looking for a mental break or excuse to change tasks. Thanks for your guidance over the past few days..."

Hi Teresa,

The juices have been delicious.  I've especially enjoyed the green juice and the hazelnut almond milk -- yum!

However, I have been so hungry during the cleanse!  Most noticeably in the mornings so I've listened to my body and/or my tummy by eating an apple (which i do normally on most mornings as part of my breakfast) and then a snack of almonds or avocado later in the afternoon.  I drink some water when I notice that I'm hungrier and that normally helps with the hunger but then it comes back after 10 minutes or so (I notice distraction also helps, like moving around or taking a short break to walk outside).

I think I'm following the cleanse but every body is different.  I don't feel tired or lethargic, just an empty stomach.  And I haven't turned cranky or moody which normally happens when my blood sugar is low and I haven't eaten so that's a good sign!  I don't think I eat very much on most days but come to think of it, I do eat lots of veggies and fruits (with some carbs and a little bit of protein added in with some guilty indulgences) so I think I'm missing the fiber component that normally keeps me feeling full.

I also like the accountability of being on this cleanse.  Normally if I'm "hungry", I'll grab a snack -- potato chips, fruit, nuts, veggies, protein bar, etc. but most of the time, I'm actually not hungry-hungry, just bored-hungry.  The past 2 days I've stopped to think if I'm really hungry and want to eat something or just that I'm bored with whatever current task I'm working on and need a food-break. :)  I practice a lot of yoga where being grounded and self-reflective is so important but sometimes I don't carry that thinking off the mat and into my kitchen (or snack pantry).  It's a nice reminder to stop and think.

This has been a great learning experience and I really enjoyed it (despite feeling hungry)!  I will definitely keep this in mind for a spring cleanse in 6 months.

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