Roadside Perspective


The first time I saw a roadside gas station in Bali, I mistook the gasoline for bottled water. Reborn to fool the haggard traveler on a hot day, the gas was being sold in Absolut Vodka bottles. 

I later found out that our driver's son suffered severe, permanent brain damage from drinking gasoline out of such a bottle when he was 5 years old. Granted at 5 years old, such an incident is a tragic accident not an intended action, however, how many adults would ingest poison if they read it on a label?

We do it everyday. Take a look at the "food" on the shelves of our favorite grocery stores. Junk labeled as such litters the aisles and in particular, the roadside checkout stands. Impulse leads to injury. If we are illiterate, then we may be pardoned, but few of us read labels and instead fall for the deceptive packaging selectively marketed by the Earth undertone grocery stores of which we stand.

This perspective article admits fault, but at the end of the day, it's up to us the consumers. Just as we should never judge a book by its cover, so goes we should never view food from a grocery store as food. You must read labels. Whether the brand name alludes to being healthy or the clever packaging looks healthy, the truth is that very few packaged items are healthy.

If you intend to eat with consciousness, do not generalize about good vs. bad food based on the grocery store you're shopping at. Look beyond. Read the ingredients, read them thoroughly, but if you have to read any ingredient twice, chances are you're safer driving down the produce aisle for your fuel.