Drink Milk?

What happened to the glass of milk with dinner ritual? Somewhere along the road, we grow up. Wine becomes the new drink with dinner and milk takes its place at breakfast. Styled into a latte or cereal bowl leftovers, milk is not what it use to be. Moreover, the drinking milk fad has been replaced with an uprise of lactose intolerance, which commands its own campaign, "Got no more milk."

What is lactose intolerance?

The bodies inability to digest lactose, a type of sugar found in milk and milk products. The body does not produce sufficient lactase, the enzyme responsible for breaking down the sugar into usable fuel or energy.

No more glass of milk. Ok, most can live without, but what about the cheese?

Understanding which types of dairy foods the body responds to takes time, patience and often trial and error. For instance, aged cheddar - don't cross it off the list. Lactose levels decrease as the cheeses are aged and can often be tolerated in small amounts. Sheep and goat's milk cheeses are also of a less threat.

And for breakfast?

Remember, nut milks, rice milk and coconut milk do not contain dairy (animal milk or milk-based product). Soy milk and eggs also make the list, but soy and eggs too have become common allergens and for this reason, please be cautious. Goat milk debuts on top. A solid (yes, animal milk) alternative to avoiding the tummy troubles of cow's milk as it is more easily digestible.

If you think a bowl of your favorite dessert is out of the question forever, not to worry. You may still be able to share in the love of ice cream (small bowl, please).