Wedding Bells!

Summer wedding season is in full swing! I have been fortunate to meet some amazing couples over the past few months. Beautiful brides-to-be and their handsome grooms - all hoping to look and feel a little more svelte before the big day. And they do!

The anxiety of the last minute to-dos, excitement of family and old friends coming to celebrate you and the overall oh-my-goodness "I'm getting married!" thrill are only a few of the emotions busying the mind before the much anticipated day arrives.

Cleansing a week (or so) before your wedding is a great idea! In fact, the practice will bring you peace and offer a time of reflection. A time to feel good from the inside and out, breathe deeper, easier and think more clearly. Not to mention enhance the wedding "glow" though vitality in a jar - fresh vegetable and fruit juices.

Congratulation to all our Summer 2011 Brides & Grooms!