Good Morning!

I'm like a Pop-Tart out of bed most of the time. That first wake-up is a reminder of a new day. Mornings are my favorite time of day for a number of reasons. Fresh, honest thoughts, settled emotions and a soothing sense of calm greet me. Followed by two more most favorite morning gifts, exercise and breakfast.

If you're like me, you tackle the a.m. workout as if it's your job. The voice in your head may as well be your boss telling you to hop to it. Or, some other persuasive, timely voice of reason (where does she come from?!). You may crave a good sweat, be spurred on by guilt, while others find motivation from chasing the addiction - that hormonal high you get post-workout. 

Why exercise in the morning? As I tell my 8am water aerobics participants on Monday mornings, "No matter what happens the rest of the day, you've accomplished something great." One hour of your day dedicated (and done by 9am!) to better yourself. Tend to your health with regular exercise and the physical and mental rewards are tangible. 

Control those aspects of life you have control of rather than allowing schedules, work, errands, excuses, excuses, excuses dictate you. We may not control whether or not a new morning will come, but when it does, make sure you accomplish something great. Squeeze in a little exercise to ensure an accomplishment for the will make you feel better about you!

And then, may you enjoy breakfast!

"The past is a history. The future is a mystery. Today is a gift that's why we call it a present."

New! The Green cleanse!

Introducing more green juice! The Green cleanse includes 48 oz of green juice per day to help keep you healthy the all-organic, natural way. CAN CAN's next level of cleansing, this deeper (and yes, more challenging) liquid cleanse takes you one step closer to fasting. Similar to the classic CAN CAN Cleanse, but a full departure from food. Perfect for my experienced cleansers who are looking to feel superhero - green from the inside, outside.


A Crossover Cleanse

"A point or place of crossing from one side to the other." This definition sums up the grand purpose of CAN CAN. It's a bridge, if you will, from the bad side of the tracks to the good (or better) side of the tracks. It's a smooth, transitionary exercise, a gentle reminder, a wake-up, or for some, a fierce kick in the pants. It's a practice, a tool, a 3-day escape from the monotonous routine and a helping hand to pull you out of the rut. It's a valiant step in articulating your thoughts and putting them into action.

I'm of course talking in terms of what we eat, how we think about nutrition, our health and how easy it is to forget and neglect, totally derail.

I'm often told, CAN CAN isn't like other juices cleanses, my answer, "You're right! It's not a juice cleanse, it's a crossover cleanse." It's uniting the body and mind and reconnecting you with what you eat. It's asking you to take 3 days off from the comforts, the treats, the binges, and the vices to rediscover the other side.

It's amazing how awake and so alive you can feel after a short, seasonal 3-day cleanse. Such reward in knowing you can survive without the comforts, say no to the treats, stop the binges, and function without the vices.

Makes you wonder why you crossed over in the first place.

I'm happy to help you back!