Fast: A Time to Reset. So Important!


Throughout history, cultures across the world have partaken in fasts that promote the idea of cleansing. Given the increasingly toxic world in which we all live today, periodic detoxification has become even more crucial to health maintenance. Juice fasting in particular is an excellent way to help your body detoxify and heal.

A good juice fast consists of a well-selected variety of vegetable, fruit, and spiced beverages, which give your body and instant boost of minerals, vitamins and phytonutrients. Detoxification requires B vitamins and antioxidants like vitamin A, C and E so a smart cleanse program will include these crucial compounds

Juicing removes fiber, which gives the gastrointestinal tract time to rest and heal. Since the digestive organs are the largest in the body, their routine operations consume large amounts of energy. Fasting rests the system and frees up energy for the body to use towards healing and building stronger immunity.*

Dr. Andrew Weil, MD suggests fasting as a "good home remedy for colds, flus, infectious illnesses, and toxic conditions of all kinds."* In addition, naturopathic doctors Michael Murray and Joseph Pizzorno acknowledge that fasting is "one of the quickest ways to increase the elimination of wastes and enhance the body's healing processes." Scientific research further demonstrates the value of fasting in the treatment of chronic conditions from obesity to rheumatoid arthritis, allergies, skin disorders like eczema and psoriasis, IBS and mental health issues like depression and schizophrenia.**

Juice fasts are the preferred form of fasting because they contain nutrients to support the body throughout the detoxification process. Toxins are stored in our fat cells and can be released during fasting. Since juices offer such a potent nutritional cocktail, they are a better option to support detoxification than water or "dry" fasts. Juice cleanses also reduce the side effects of circulating toxins and low blood sugar.**

A wonderful time to give your body a break and try a fast is after the indulgent holidays. We may not be able to completely undo our sweets and cocktails, but taking a few days (or more!) to cleanse can detoxify and rebuild our nutrient profile. Now that's a resolution you'll actually want to keep.

Happy New Year! 

-Emily Wade Adams

*Weil, A. (2004) Natural Health, Natural Medicine. New York: Houghton Mifflin. **Murray, M. & Pizzorno, J. (2012). The Encyclopedia of Natural Medicine: Third Edition. Detoxification and Internal Cleansing. New York: Atria.

Weekend Cleanse - Yes!

Now everyone can cleanse with us! For those of you who have been asking about cleansing over the weekend with us, now you CAN -starting Friday, January 4th. Weekends really are an ideal time to cleanse. In addition to being able to sleep in and never get out of your pjs, cleansing over the weekend allows you to 100% focus on the practice; truly relax, rest and recover from the work week stresses and give your body and mind the much needed, much deserved time-off. 

Not to mention the timing of our weekend cleanse launch couldn't be more perfect. We welcome the opportunity to help you recoup after the holidays and reinvigorate you for the promising, prosperous year ahead!


Cleansing Perspective

I had the pleasure of meeting Satori when I started CAN CAN Cleanse in 2011. She's one of those people you meet and feel an instant connection. In a few words, Satori is a compassionate person. I asked her if I could share her personal sediments on cleansing, she said yes. I hope her words resonate with you as much as they did with me. 

Why cleanse?

Hard to believe 2013 is almost here! A big year ahead as I will hit the half century mark - What? 50 already! No doubt time is moving faster; and I know like me, many of you are feeling it more with each passing year. Ironically, the longer I live the more I want to slow down. I have come to value the importance of BE-ing still, in the moment, and fully present - As it is the only place where we can effectively create change. Cleansing, like meditation, is a regular part of my healing practices.

When I reflect back on my 30 plus years of cleansing, it has been the one mainstay which time and time again affords me greater clarity and renewed peace of mind - thereby allowing me to listen to my inner guide and trust more deeply. Most of my adult life I have lived in major metropolitan cities, adding to the overburdening of most, if not all, of the body's eliminatory organs. The body has an original blueprint at the cellular level that holds memory, and when well nourished it has an instinctive ability to heal itself. Cleansing gives me the opportunity to de-clutter and de-stress my body systems, especially digestive and lymphatic. My skin takes on an amazing glow, and my tummy looks and feels really yummy.

When my diet is primarily high green and living foods, by no means is it an "I only eat this" or "I would never eat that" existence. Knowing the body is comprised of close to 70 percent water, quality hydration is the staple of my diet, especially on days I am not nourishing myself as well as I would like. My philosophy is simple: I bring attention to what not only tastes good to my tongue, but what my body is asking for as well. With each passing year, it has become more imperative to listen, I mean REALLY LISTEN to my body. This communication is key in determining the body's need vs. want. My nourishment teacher, Hale, call it fueling vs. feeding. I became so tired of feeding this emotion and that wound, at times even popping a pill when I really didn't feel well. I learned when you don't put hte right fuel in your body, you can't get the right information to your body, which creates a breeding atmosphere for dis-ease. Slowly I began to rely more and more on Mother Nature's pharmacy for my healing. Eating living foods forces me to do just that - live in the present, and as a result I feel more centered and grounded....and in many ways, courageous!

In the busyness of life, it has been perhaps the mental emotional that often gets out of whack first, which then can lead to poorer food choices and less daily self-care. For me when this happens, my body increasingly begins to feel robbed of its passion and vitality. My creativity becomes stifled, my sleeping pattern is off, and even my ability to make decisions which support my highest and best is influenced. No matter how off track I get, my body has this innate compass, which also serves as a point of reference, that brings me back to higher vibration. For me cleansing has been that vehicle, as it provides a gentle means of detoxing and purifying the body.

Seasonal cleanse, or wellness tune-up as I like to call them, are something I look forward to with each passing season. My cleanses can vary from one week to three and usually consist of smoothies and juices. In the 90's The Master Cleanse was my fa, however for the past several years most my cleanses have had a high octane of greens. Greens are just divine!

Dark leafy greens are loaded with minerals and the high nutrient content keep food cravings at bay. The alkaline energy of greens (collard, kale, chard, spinach, sprouts, to name a few) feels like a blood transfusion.  Green smoothies tent to work well for me when I have busy days or long days at the office. Smoothies keep the fiber intact, allow for slower absorption and more sustained energy. Green juices, affectionately called liquid sunshine because of their high chlorophyll content, are incredibly detoxifying, and just so happens to be the most digestible form of protein bar none. 

For me, cleansing in this way has truly been paramount to my mental and spiritual well being. My energy and creativity are off the charts, less cravings, more restorative sleep, and my digestive system has reclaimed her soulmate.

As a colon hydrotherapist in San Francisco, it's been refreshing over the past couple of years to see so many clients coming in on a three or five day juice cleanse. This is awe inspiring as there is no greater "Thank You" gift one can give their body and mind!

Cleanse and live well,


Satori holds an MA in Counseling and Human Development and has over 15 years of experience in the health field. She is a colon hydrotherapist at Body Harmony - a San Francisco colon hydrotherapy practice CAN CAN Cleanse comfortably and confidently recommends. Please contact Body Harmony (415-563-6630) for more information or to schedule an appointment.

Weekend Cleanse!

Planning your January calendar already? It's the perfect month to commit to a cleanse and set the tone for the New Year. Be healthier, feel happier! We'd like to make the commitment easier for you ~ especially those of you who have expressed interest in cleansing with us over a weekend. We understand!

We're pleased to announce Friday start dates for the month of January. Now there is no good reason to put it off any longer. You can kick back with a good book, catch up on a favorite TV series, soak in the tub for hours and sip herbal tea and your Winter CAN CAN beverages until your heart is content. We invite you to fully experience the physical and mental benefits of a cleanse by calendaring a weekend cleanse with us in January. Relax, recover, reset - it's a date!

Weekend cleanses availabe to start on Friday, January 4, 11, 18 & 25.

Holiday Survival Guide!

Pumpkin pie. Hot toddies. Stuffing. Cookies. Cocktails. More than any other time of year, the holidays pose the greatest challenge to our willpower - and our waistlines. But fret not! Try a few of these simple, easy tweaks to enjoy the holidays to the fullest without sabotaging your health.

  • Keep it clean: Can't manage to squeeze in your regular week-long juice fast during the holiday frenzy? Not to worry! CAN CAN's founder Teresa Piro recommends a 1-Day Cleanse every week in December to refocus and keep toxins at bay. Giving your body even just one day off can allow its detox systems to catch up & function better.
  • Think before you drink: People who drink more than 1-2 alcoholic beverages per day increase their risk of developing cancers, diabetes, heart disease and more. If that's not enough to slow you down, consider this: most forms of alcohol have the caloric equivalent of a scoop of ice cream - and that's before adding mixers! Set a limit for yourself and drink slowly. Savor that champagne! You might also dilute alcohol with club soda or ice.
  • Stay hydrated: Drinking enough water throughout the day can curb your appetite. And drinking a glass of water between each holiday cocktail helps your kidneys filter toxins - and prevents hangovers. All the more reason to make water your new favorite holiday beverage.
  • Get your greens: Eat a salad before lunch & dinner. This way, you're more likely to fill up on the good stuff - even if you indulge after your salad.
  • Adjust your additives: Baking treats for your holiday party? Try halving the sugar in your recipe. Most baked good hold up just fine without the extra sugar and taste just as sweet.
  • Gift yourself some exercise: Park at the back of the lot when you go gift shopping, and avoid using a cart to return your bags to the car. It's not much, but the extra exercise may help negate that candy cane you nibbled on at the office today, and fresh oxygen can aid your metabolism & energy.
  • Eat before you eat: Headed to a party? Eat before you go. That way, you'll be able to control what you eat and ensure it's healthy. And the more full you are, the more unlikely you are to make bad food choices when you're there. In fact, if you're not hungry, you might not visit the hors d'oeuvres table at all!
  • Try the turkey, skip the stuffing: Eating proteins & healthy fats will keep you satiated, whereas refined carbohydrates can leave you hungry for more. Eat eggs for breakfast and you may not even miss Grandma's famous coffee cake.
  • Beware holiday beverages: A venti Pumpkin Spice Latte while whole milk from Starbucks has as many calories as a McDonald's Quarter Pounder with Cheese! Enough said.
  • Re-gift: If you receive a box of chocolates, you don't have to eat them. I'm giving you permission to re-gift them or toss them to the compost bin. It's the thought that counts!
  • Indulge - but don't binge. It's OK to have a small treat or a few bites of dessert every day. If you're about to grab something mindlessly, drink a glass of water and wait 20 minutes to see if you still want it.

Bottom line? It's the holidays! Don't beat yourself up. Enjoy! Here's to your health!

- Emily Wade Adams, author of

Be Thankful. Eat in Moderation.

Oh the holidays are here! Yes, a fun time of year indeed, but don't less yourself go. "It's the holiday season!" Wasn't that last year's excuse? From now until the New Year, practice willpower. I too will be exercising willpower. I make it through Thanksgiving with a gold star, but the challenge I face are my Mom's chocolate cherry cookies at Christmas (soooo good!). I beg her to make them this one time a year, but I can't seem to stop at just one. I use the excuse and as a result I'm guilty of overindulging.

This year, I'm making a commitment before I head home for the holidays. Rather than restricting myself with a quantitative goal, it's time to remind myself to practice moderation. "Moderation, moderation, moderation." Say it three times to yourself anytime you're trying to restrain and follow it up with a deep, cleansing breath. Works great when "have seconds!" creeps into mind. 

Another great approach is to ask yourself, "Am I really hungry?" During the cleanse you often experience waves of hunger, but few of us really know what it feels like to be hungry - a word that goes all too forgotten throughout the holiday season. In fact, it's the only time of year when we're always full; breakfast, lunch and dinner become one long buffet line. Yikes!

Not this year! You CAN do it! Be thankful for the abundances we're so fortunate to have in our lives, but avoid excess, gluttony and live the next 6 weeks between now and the New Year in moderation. I'm certain you'll be thankful you did :)

Warmest Thanksgiving wishes to our wonderful clients, families and friends! 


Recipes for you! Yay!

Our mission: to help you help yourself feel better, physically, mentally, emotionally! Focus in on your diet and we all have room to make improvements. Most of you come to us to cleanse because you're committed to wanting to make a change. Ok, you've hit the wall or the bottom and it's time. Overdue. We understand. It's never too late to kick the cravings, to break the bad habits, to feel better, look better, be happier and most importantly healthier. It simply takes the want, willpower and maintenance. 

That's where CAN CAN comes in. We jump start your commitment with our 3-Day Cleanses and then we say, "You CAN do it!" We say jump in and you do. 3-Days of cleansing and you resurface feeling reinvigorated - you've told us so and your feedback makes us feel so good - Thank You!

We've listened to your feedback and wonderful suggestions and as a result, we're excited to share with you our new Recipe page, Yay! These are simple and approachable (2 keys to success!) meal inspirations we've put together because we want you to continue on your path to better health and wellness. We want to help see you through to your goals and we want to answer your questions about what to eat. 

Cleansing helps you realize that the foods we put in our bodies play such a roll in our happiness, energy levels, mood, outlook on life, motivation, and on and on. We understand that the options and temptations are endless when deciding what to eat and we need to be reminded to stay focused on the simple, stand-byes - good ol', clean, plant-based foods that make us feel good. We can't emphasize enough that good for you food need not be complicated. In fact, it's really quite simple. It's whole, organic food, from the Earth - not packaged, not processed, not pretend.

What do these foods look when it's time to eat? We hope you'll take a peek and enjoy our Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Snack and Beverage recipes - all CAN CAN Cleanse approved.

Happy Cooking! Happy Health!


Sugar's Not-So-Sweet Rivals


The holidays are approaching, along with that spare tire that seems to appear around your waist this time of year. You've heard that sugar is the latest enemy in the war against weight gain, so maybe you're considering baking your holiday pies with Splenda or using Equal in your pumpkin latte to help avoid those extra seasonal pounds. 

Want a nutritionist's perspective? Just use sugar.

No that's not a typo. If you're going to use a sweetener anyway, it's my professional opinion that you should just use regular. old-fashioned sugar.

"What?!" you may ask. "But how will I ever lose weight by using sugar?"

Well, to be fair, you won't. But you won't lose weight by using artificial sweeteners, either. There is no evidence that artificial sweeteners help anyone lose weight. In fact, they may increase weight!* Think about it: I bet you know plenty of overweight people who drink Diet Coke.

How do lower-calorie sweeteners cause weight gain? This excellent article suggests that they confuse your brain. Their sweet taste prepares your body for an insulin surge that never occurs, but your brain still craves that energy boost. You end up eating more carbohydrates to satisfy that craving - and you gain weight. According to the article's author, "In one study people who used artificial sweeteners ate up to three times the amount of calories as the control group." Perhaps that's why the obesity epidemic has perpetuated despite the plethora of diet foods on grocery shelves. 

Worse still, artificial sweeteners may also pose serious health risks. Saccharin (Sweet'N Low) is carcinogenic. Splenda users have reported stomach pain, headaches and skin rashes. Aspartame (NutraSweet) affects mood and behavior, and may cause seizures, migraines, hives, and nerve disturbances* - not to mention it's link to diabetes**.

If artificial sweeteners aren't proven to make a difference in your waistline AND they're potentially toxic, then there is no reason to use them. 

Don't mistake this for an endorsement of table sugar. Sugar isn't healthy - unless you're comparing it to artificial sweeteners. Sure, there are natural alternatives to sugar. You might try stevia, honey, or fruit to sweeten your holiday dishes and drinks. But the single best thing you can do to lose weight and maintain good health is to change your taste for sweets. Stop using sweeteners - even if they're natural. Once you retrain your taste buds, you'll find you don't need additives to satisfy your sweet tooth - and the pounds will begin to melt away.

It'll take timea and willpower - especially during the holidays - but breaking your dependence on sweet flavors could be the best thing you do for your health. And, it may be the only thing that makes a dent in that holiday spare tire.

-Emily Wade Adams, author of

Sources: *Murray, M., Pizzorno, J & Pizzorno, L. (2005). The Encyclopedia of Healing Foods. Safe Eating. New York: Atria. **Ross, J. (2002). The Mood Cure. Out With the Bad-Mood Foods: Ridding your diet of emotionally hazardous edibles. New York: Penguin Books.

Celebrate! SF Giants!

What an exciting month! Big CONGRATS to our SF Giants! Once Orange October wraps up tomorrow with more parties (Halloween!), we're thinking that next week may be a good time to cleanse. After the mayhem of celebrating finally comes to an end?! Are we right? Is your body ready for a break? A short, seasonal 3-Day reset?! We thought so :)

Here's a little discount to honor our Giants and our bodies!


It's Us! On YouTube!

Curious to learn more about CAN CAN? How about a video (or 7!)? I'm happy to share more about our cleanse ideologies, practices, produce, ingredients - everything CAN CAN! I welcome you into our kitchen for a peek as I tell you about how CAN CAN came to be. I hope my story may inspire those of you who are looking to turn your passion into work. My advice, You CAN do it!




Here's a link to our YouTube channel! Thanks for watching!

Videos produced by David Nakabayashi, Harrison Parker & Team, Thanks Guys!

Chia My Kitchen "Pet"

My latest evening ritual has been dropping 1-2 tbs of chia seeds into my liquid of choice before bed. Some nights decadent coconut milk, others a glass of filtered water or sometimes I settle on the perfect combo, coconut water (I like with pulp).

What awaits in the morning is the magical, natural (albeit odd gel-like) additive for my Berry Kale Smoothies. I love chia, our bodies love chia so it's no wonder that decades later, our friend ch-ch-ch-chia continues to be quite the rage.

Resembling a poppy seed in size and color, salvia hispanica, is native to Mexico and Central America. Our Aztec friends recognized the seed's ability to retain 12x its weight in water making it a stellar source of hydration for our bodies and especially clutch for endurance athletes. Moreover, chia is fibrous, offers both healthy fat and protein and is victorious for being one fo the richest vegetables sources of omega-3 fatty acids.


AM Chia Berry Smoothie

Serves: 2

Time: Overnight soaking, plus 10 mins (or less) in the morning


  • 1 1/2 tsp chia seed
  • 3/4 cup coconut water
  • 1/2 cup frozen, organic raspberries
  • 1/2 cup frozen, organic mango
  • 2 leaves lacinato kale, ribs removed
  • 1/8 tsp cinnamon


Pour coconut water into a glass measuring cup, add chia seeds. Stir well and refrigerate overnight. In the morning, using a high-speed blender, blend all ingredients together on high until smooth. Enjoy!

Goodbye Summer!

It's that special time of year again. A relaxed season when the air's brisk, weather mild and colors ablaze. Fall is a personal favorite time of year. 

The body can rest as the days become shorter. Hopping into bed early becomes easier and easier while waking up in the am, harder and harder.

Skin can recover from the Summer sun (ok, Vitamin D!) with warm baths, natural moisturizers and skin brushing.

Meals become "at home" with friends and family. Warm and cozy, I adore!

If you're like me, your body's ready for a cleanse during this time of transition,

"Goodbye Summer! Let's freshen & rest up before Winter!"


Group Discounts! Yay!

Ohhh the adage - Power in Numbers! rings so true. There is something extra refreshing (and easier!) about cleansing in groups. Support, encourage, commiserate, whine - whatever need you have during your 3 days of cleansing, others are there for you reminding you, "You CAN do it!"

We've been amaze by how much more victory our group cleansers experience. Now it's your turn! Round-up your friends, family and co-workers - it's time to cleanse together!

We're excited to announce discounts for group cleanses. Cleansing just got more fun and cheaper too! Happy Cleansing!


To Our Brides & Grooms....

Wishing you optimal health so you may enjoy a long and happy life together! Thinking of you on your wedding day! Relax & Have Fun!



CAN CAN Cleanse

Staycation with a cleanse

Summer vacation on your mind? In need of sunshine on your body? No better time to cleanse! Travel and leisure are pleasurable, health-boosting activities, but getting to or managing your way back from a trip can take its toll. Perfect time to "staycation" and practice a cleanse! 


At Home Juicing


For those of you have seen Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead and dusted off your juicers, good for you! Others who are inspired after CAN CAN'ing with us, often write to share with me that they bought a juicer and are juicing at home, fantastic! Keep those emails coming! What a way to show dedication to improve your health and wellness by embracing and tackling juicing at home. It's one of my primary goals of CAN CAN Cleanse; to empower my clients to continue to practice mindfulness in their day-to-day diets after the cleanse. 

Looking to invest in a juicer? I've been using a 5-Speed Breville juicer at home (same trusty model Joe Cross juices with from the back of his van). It's easy to use, efficient, durable and affordable. While no juicer is an absolute breeze to clean, drink the fruits of your labor first, feel the nutrient buzz kick-in and I promise the cleaning won't seem to be such a laborious task.


Breville 5-Speed Juicer. Photo Credit:

I was recommending the Breville juicer to a friend recently and was delighted to see this updated nutritional info on Breville's website. Take a peek and happy juicing!

Frozen Snack Attack


I love buying and eating seasonal fruits, but I wait (and wait) for Summer's explosion of flavors, colors and varieties. Nothing like fresh Summer berries! Rather than waiting, this time of year I stock the freezer with organic frozen fruits. Wonderful to have on hand for breakfast smoothies, quick to defrost for yogurt or oatmeal topping, or right out of the bag, into a bowl and eaten as a refreshing snack or cool dessert.

More cost friendly and local than the fresh organic and non-organic cousins that demand high prices from far away places, I'm a fan of the frozen organics. Please read the label to confirm where the fruit is coming from and watch for no extra sugar added.

Next time you're in the grocery store or craving berries, pick-up a bag or two. And come Summer, think about buying local flats from your farmers market and pack your freezer for 2013!

Happy Spring!

Our lives are busy and time passes, but rather than acknowledging seasons and how they affect our bodies, we mark calendar days and welcome in new weeks and months without rest.

The changing of seasons is a wonderful time to take pause and give our bodies and minds a little pick-me-up (or clean-me-up). Reflect on how you're doing and feeling now. Stop planning for tomorrow and start feeling good today. 

CAN CAN Spring is here!  


Paradise + Juice

I'm on my first visit back to the Caribbean since Spring Break 2000. St. Martin feels a little more grown up than the Bahamas, but I guess I too am a little more grown up and a lot more appreciative of paradise as it offers time of rest and relaxation. 

I'm always on the lookout for juice bars when I'm traveling. Hot weather places generally don't disappoint. As far as beverages go, fresh fruit juices and refreshing smoothies of mixed local fruits trail a close second to readily available (and cheap) beer.


Dock 24. New St. Martin outpost for fresh juice and smoothies

Drinking fresh fruit juice or a blended smoothie is a different kind of pleasure.

Close your eyes and take the first sip of fresh fruit juice (think grapefruit, orange, or a smoothie blend of pineapple, mango, papaya with ginger and lime) and you don't have to be in paradise to feel like you're there. One of the most beneficial properties of drinking fresh juice is the almost immediate boost of positive energy. An overall feeling of physical well-being. A natural high of sorts. That internal voice saying, "I'm doing something good for my body and my body thanks me." 

This couple opened Dock 24 less than three months ago. A labor of love, "I cut the fruit every day, always fresh!" They work 7 days a week, glow of happiness, and share our love for paradise and juice.


Market Mornin'

One of my most favorite Saturday morning activities is a walk to San Francisco's Ferry Building Farmers Market. It's an amazing way to start a day!

Similar to the high from the aroma or first sip of morning coffee - fresh air, glowing bounty of seasonal produce and the farmers' smiles - nature's stimulation is spirit-elevating. I can't help but smile and want to make eyes to greet everyone I walk by.


photo: Eatwell Farm's CSA. I'm a huge fan of CSAs!

Today's Market Buys:

  • Red Beets: 1 bunch - $2.50
  • Garnet Yams: 2 potatoes - $1.35
  • Dino Kale: 1 bunch - $2
  • Parsley: 1 bunch - $1.50
  • Zutano Avocado: 1 fruit - $1.65
  • Pomegranate Juice: 6oz - $3

Jars Galore!

We're in love with our glass jars too! Not to mention they're purposeful; the glass upholds the integrity of our fresh juices and beverages.

But what to do with all the jars after your cleanse? While my canning and perserving do'ers have no problem reusing the jars, what to do with them for those of you who are stumped?


Here are a few creative ideas:

  • Drinking Glasses
  • Picnic Wine Glasses (when you're not cleansing!)
  • Sneaking Beverages and Healthy Snacks into the Movie Theater (we didn't tell you to do it!)
  • Kids Paint Containers
  • Spice Jars
  • Silverware Holder
  • Cake Stand (set cake on decorative flat surface or plate; use 3 jars as the base)
  • Toothbrush Holder
  • Flower/Herb Vase or Planter
  • Candle Holder. Great for Tea Lights!

What have you done with your jars?

You're also more than welcome to recycle the jars back to us. Sundays - Tuesdays 10am - 6pm to our San Francisco kitchen: 1890 Bryant Street at Mariposa, Suite #309. Please email or call ahead. Thank you!

A CAN CAN testimonial

Often it's helpful to listen to what others are saying and experiencing before you jump into a cleanse, especially if it's your first one. Filled with tons of excitement and heavy with apprehension? Totally normal. Cleansing is a unique experience as it takes you on a full departure from your routine. Every experience is different for each individual as well as each time you cleanse. 

I was touched by the time and candid experience that this client shared with me. Thanks for CAN CAN'ing, Sommer!


It's (still) that time of year. The time when repercussions of holiday gluttony have settled in and plenty of us are striving for healthier lifestyles. One word that seems synonymous with such quests is "cleansing."

I decide to explore this "somewhat" trendy concept via San Francisco-based CAN CAN Cleanse owner, Teresa Piro. After all, how could I not be curious about a cleanse that's marketed as "a spa retreat for your insides?"

Teresa started out in her own kitchen, whipping up small cleanse batches for friends and family. They loved the results but cringed at the idea of the involved prep process (think rinse, chop, juice, clean out juicer x25), eventually encouraging Teresa to expand her kitchen ventures into a full-fledged business. The CAN CAN Cleanse was born offering cleanses that consist of methodically consuming a series of nutrient-rich seasonal beverages over a period of one or 3-days. Teresa informed me that a 3-day cleanse takes close to 18lbs of organic and seasonal ingredients to prepare! (For some reason this put a killer visual in my mind of a wheel-barrel overflowing with leafy greens and colorful veggies!) Imagine the nutritional value!

I opted to "cautiously" start small with the 1-day cleanse. Throughout the day I consumed a total of 8 beverages. The ingredients (in liquid form of course) included some of the following; cucumber, celery, parsley, kale, cabbage, broccoli, fennel, spinach, romaine, lemon, ginger, apple, carrot, butternut squash, onion, garlic, cayenne, cumin, cinnamon, olive oil, coconut butter, almonds, hazelnuts, and dandelion. The drinks tasted fresh, good-for-you, and were surprisingly tasty! Not to mention, Teresa sends out a few encouraging emails throughout the day, helping you to stay focused and on track. Was I hungry? A little near the end of the day but I managed to say on course.

For me, the cleanse served as a great test of self-restraint as well as a reality-check, forcing me to think more seriously about what kind of things I eat when I'm not sipping kale and ginger root. Teresa explained that the mental benefits of cleansing are just as important (if not more so) than the physical. "It's a time of pause where you can reflect on your vices, what cravings you have, and when and why you have them. One you've completed a cleanse, you become more mindful, bringing more consciousness back to what you put in," she said.

Now, I'm not only inspired to try the 3-day cleanse, but more importantly, put better foods into my body on a daily basis. How about you? Have you cleansed or would you consider trying it?

Sommer Naffz

Video! Interview with Teresa

"A spa reTREAT for your insides....the CAN CAN Cleanse. Feeling tired or slow, a bit swollen or sluggish? Give yourself a boost with CAN CAN Cleanse. Whether it is a one-day pick-me-up, a three-day overhaul, or even just a juice here and there to mix into your daily routine -- Teresa Piro at CAN CAN Cleanse has your solution. Check out the video!" 

Big Thank You to Rick Teed (and team) of Teed Haze! We loved having you visit the kitchen! Thanks for being such a fan of CAN CAN!


It's that time of year when we swear-off sweets, march ourselves to the gym and opt for decaf coffee. We're creatures of habit so the indicators of a new routine make this time a year notably noticeable. We call these new patterns our resolutions. However, resolutions seem to dwindle as the first month of the year comes to an end (not to say 31 days isn't a commendable length of time to break the routine), but rather than stopping and turning the caffeine back up to high, why not turn these resolutions into goals? Transform even just one into a way of life and healthier living.

Tips for Changing-Up the Routine for Healthier, Happier You:

  • Make a list of goals and be sure to write them down.
  • Plan, plan, plan. Ask yourself, "What is it going to take for me to stick to these goals?"
  • Invite a dear friend, spouse, partner, child or co-worker to join you. Power in numbers!
  • Be ok with alternating the goals to ensure you succeed. It's all about feeling good, bettering yourself!
  • Set realistic timelines to achieve your goals. 
  • Keep a journal or blog with photos.
  • Do one thing everyday that requires you to stop, smile and praise yourself for your efforts.
  • Perseverance and patience. I've never known an accomplished marathon runner who stepped outside and ran 26.2 miles without training.
  • Reward yourself when you're there. We all love acknowledgement of our victories! ...just be sure the reward supports rather than detracts from the goal.

Good luck, go to it and then on to the next goal while the coffee's still hot!

New Year is Here!

2012 is going to be a good year for all! CAN CAN celebrated our 1 Year Anniversary today, Yay! The year is off to a positive start already. We look forward to adding healthy motivation and positivity into your life as the year kicks-off and "Be More Healthy" resolutions ignite. We've added Fridays to our cleanse calendar for the month of January to accommodate weekend cleanse requests. We encourage you to take a weekend off to recover, relax, reset, rejuvenate and most importantly rest your body and mind. Lots to gear up for in 2012. Don't let this year's goals become next year's resolutions. Looking forward to having you CAN CAN with us soon!