The Power is Here!

I'm pretty excited about this one! And, I hope our clients who love to workout and hate to miss a beat at the gym when cleansing, will be too :) Delicious Chia Fruit Juice and Sunrise Nut Milk jump into the mix of our seasonal CAN CAN Cleanse following the same format, but with additional healthy, dense, pure whole-food goodness (albeit in liquid form). The Power is crafted to support your body and excite your palate as you CAN CAN! 

Introducing The (New!) Power cleanse, Yay! Yay! Try it!


The Leprechaun Green Glow!


I believe that those cheery little leprechauns are glowing not just from discovering a pot of gold (or drinking a pint of green beer). Such long, healthy looking beards have me believing that these jolly little men are getting their veggies somehow. Wheatgrass shots? 

We too love an excuse to celebrate and sip green beverages! Our celebration - you & your health! So take advantage of your special discount on our Green Cleanses (1, 3, or 5-Day) and raise a CAN CAN jar of green juice!

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

A Process for Keepin' it "Fresh"


Juice fast programs are quickly growing in popularity, so it is no surprise that cleanses are popping up on grocery store shelves nationwide. The extended shelf life of these grocery store juices is made possible by a new juicing pasteurization technique called High Pressure Processing (HPP). 

Traditional pasteurization is a relatively new technique designed to kill bacteria and microorganisms in order to prevent food-borne illness. It became popular in the US in the 20th century, around the same time that urbanization, processed foods and mass food production became the norm.

Until recently, pasteurization used heat, which decreased nutritional content. This made it unsuitable for juicing programs - after all, getting those nutrients is the whole point of embarking on a juice cleanse. With the new technique of HPP, however, bacteria are eliminated without altering nutritional content (for the most part). 

HPP functions by applying high pressure to liquids. "During HPP, foods are subjected to pressures up to 100,000 psi. which destroy pathogenic microorganisms by interrupting their cellular functions," according to High Pressure Dynamics, Inc. (a producer of HPP equipment). 

So what's the catch? Well, since it's still a pretty new technology, there isn't a ton of research on HPP processing or its potential side effects. But some studies show that when HPP kills the harmful bacteria in juice, it also deactivates beneficial bacteria and enzymes.

Unpasteurized, unprocessed, raw fruit juices (derived from a cold-pressing process) are a rich source of live enzymes. And these phytonutrients offer a plethora of health benefits, from aiding digestion and reducing inflammation to sinusitis relief and wound healing. In other words, they're a crucial component of any detox program - or healthy food.

So what's the bottom line on this new juicing technology? Well, on the one hand, nutrient-rich juices can now be made available in places that might otherwise not have access to them. That's a great thing! And HPP seems like an improvement over traditional pasteurization in that it preserves more nutrients.

On the other hand, it's still a form of processing and pasteurization. If HPP kills bacteria by interrupting cellular processes, it's doubtful that all of the juice's holistic benefits can remain intact. There haven't been enough credible scientific studies to unequivocally prove otherwise - that's one of the risks of using new technology.

As a nutritionist, I tend to err on the side of caution. Better safe now than sorry later. So when I refer my clients to a juice fast program, I point them towards a cold-pressed local option whenever possible.

-Emily Wade Adams, Natal Nutrition 


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Yay! Cleanse Giveaway!


Today CAN CAN is kicking off a contest with Cuppow! Cuppow's inventive lids allow you to easily drink from your CAN CAN jars. We know many of our CAN CAN'ers cleanse on-the-go and these lids are the perfect solution to help you sip your delicious juices without worrying about spills.

To be entered to win, follow these quick steps:

     1. Follow CAN CAN on Pinterest

     2. Create a board that contains "CAN CAN Cleanse" in the title.

     3. Add at least 5 pins that you think embody the CAN CAN brand.

     4. Be creative and have fun!

We'll giveaway a 1-Day CAN CAN Cleanse and Cuppow lid to the winner!* The contest runs through Friday, March 8th at 5pm and we'll announce the winner shortly thereafter.

Happy CAN CAN'ing!


*please note that due to our local distribution, this giveaway is being offered to SF Bay Area friends and fans. However, if you're not in the Bay Area and you wish to participate and gift the prize to a Bay Area friend or family member, please do!