April 28,2012
I love buying and eating seasonal fruits, but I wait (and wait) for Summer's explosion of flavors, colors and varieties. Nothing like fresh Summer berries! Rather than waiting, this time of year I stock the freezer with organic frozen fruits. Wonderful to have on hand for breakfast smoothies, quick to defrost for yogurt or oatmeal topping, or right out of the bag, into a bowl and eaten as a refreshing snack or cool dessert.


March 21,2012
Our lives are busy and time passes, but rather than acknowledging seasons and how they affect our bodies, we mark calendar days and welcome in new weeks and months without rest. The changing of seasons is a wonderful time to take pause and give our bodies and minds a little pick-me-up (or clean-me-up). Reflect on how you're doing and feeling now. Stop planning for tomorrow and start feeling good today. CAN CAN Spring is here!


March 11,2012
I'm on my first visit back to the Caribbean since Spring Break 2000. St. Martin feels a little more grown up than the Bahamas, but I guess I too am a little more grown up and a lot more appreciative of paradise as it offers time of rest and relaxation. I'm always on the lookout for juice bars when I'm traveling. Hot weather places generally don't disappoint. As far as beverages go, fresh fruit juices and refreshing smoothies of mixed local fruits trail a close second to readily available (and cheap) beer.


February 11,2012
One of my most favorite Saturday morning activities is a walk to San Francisco's Ferry Building Farmers Market. It's an amazing way to start a day! Similar to the high from the aroma or first sip of morning coffee - fresh air, glowing bounty of seasonal produce and the farmers' smiles - nature's stimulation is spirit-elevating. I can't help but smile and want to make eyes to greet everyone I walk by.


February 09,2012
We're in love with our glass jars too! Not to mention they're purposeful; the glass upholds the integrity of our fresh juices and beverages. But what to do with all the jars after your cleanse? While my canning and perserving do'ers have no problem reusing the jars, what to do with them for those of you who are stumped?