Give Health!

December 14,2011
Looking for a thoughtful gift for the holidays? I'm always big on giving experiences vs. material goods. A cleanse may be just the experience your friends and loved ones need after all the holiday indulgences. Help them start out the New Year in health!


December 15,2010
It's inspiring to read peoples' success stories and motivational to watch others achieve goals. However, when you start to involve yourself in helping people achieve their successes, now that is gratifying. Weight loss is a goal I watch many of my clients work towards. It can feel more like a battle with small victories and minor setbacks along the way. I believe in four key components for successful weight loss: determination, patience, nutrition, and exercise. Remember, you didn't gain all those extra pounds overnight so you cannot expect to lose them all overnight.


December 10,2010
'Tis the season for holiday cheer! Clinking of glasses and downing of booze is simply unavoidable. It's like a rite of passage into the New Year. But why the hangovers? They weren't on this year's wish list.


December 07,2010
After juicing over one thousand pounds of produce and sampling, weighing and researching the benefits of veggies, fruits, nuts, herbs and spices, CAN CAN Cleanse emerges fresh and full of life! Today marks the launch of CAN CAN Cleanse. Pictured is the very first CAN CAN Cleanse.


November 29,2010
I marvel over the food offerings that seduce customers in drug stores. Packaged junk eaten as snacks, but contains more nutrient-deficient calories than a meal. This idea of the heartburn medicine next to the candy bars is not such a new idea. Early American pharmacies are remembered for the sweets they housed - most favored, the soda fountains. The long history of drug stores sharing space with sweets seems like a less than healthy idea, however it's profitable.