New Marin Pick-Up Spot!

November 04,2014
Good news! We now have a location for you to pick-up your cleanses in Marin. Yay! Friends, clients, fans, come visit us at Pure Barre San Rafael!

Friendship & Soup!

October 21,2014
Today I found two lovely gifts outside my front door. You know you have an amazing neighbor when emerald green juice and homemade chicken stock appear when you need it most. Such an act of kindness!

Update from the fields

October 14,2014
Will somebody please tell summer she's overstayed her welcome this year! We're struggling to keep the fall vegetables irrigated to help them through the heat.

Pumpkin Spice Almond Milk

October 09,2014
Oh my. Have you heard?! Our friends over at CAN CAN Nut Milk (we're related!) are making something pretty delicious. They're roasting pumpkins, spicing up pumpkin spice, tossing in organic raw almonds, and sweetening it up with dates to create the favorite Fall beverage. PSAM is here!

Fall Cleanse Time!

September 20,2014
Ready. Set. Cleanse time! Yes, that's right Fall is here (official first day of Fall is Tuesday, September 23rd) and the seasonal shift makes for an ideal time to cleanse.