More Juice, More Greens...

For my seasoned cleansers, here is the green juice cleanse for you! Looking for a deeper, greener cleanse experience? The Green cleanse offers 48 oz of green juice each day!

1-Day, 2-Day, 3-Day, 4-Day or 5-Day

Each day, you will consume the same seasonal menu of 8 nutrient-rich beverages:

  • 4 Green Vegetable Juices
  • 2 Fruit Juices
  • 2 Herbal Teas

No soup, no nut milk. More green juice!

Approximately 800 calories per day

The Green Difference

This more juice cleanse is a practice that brings you one step closer to fasting. The beverages support you through the process by providing vitamins and minerals from their whole food source - fresh, organic, green vegetables and seasonal fruits.

Two extra green juices replace the savory soup and nut milk found in the CAN CAN Cleanse.

Who Should Green Cleanse?

This cleanse is for my experienced cleansers who have CAN CAN'ed before and would like to explore the next level of cleansing. A full departure from food. 

Please contact Teresa if you have questions about if The Green cleanse is right for you.

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