Paleo Pack


Drink + Eat (Paleo) All Day! 

We're bringing back the brown bag lunch, but instead of just lunch, we're preparing a healthy meal replacement pack for your whole day. We've partnered with our friends at Muffin Revolution to create this fresh juice, nut milk, soup and muffin combo for you to enjoy. Nutrient-dense, plant-based goodies to energize you all day long!

On the Go-Go? Try this 1-Day Healthy Pack!

Each 1-Day pack includes:

  • 3 Green Vegetable Juices
  • 2 Classic Almond Milks
  • 1 Savory Soup
  • 2 Banana Bam Bam Muffins* (gluten-free, grain-free, dairy-free)

Approximately 1750 calories per day. Please note, this is not a cleanse.

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*Ingredients: Banana (non-GMO from Ecuador), Ground Almonds, **Blueberries, **Eggs, **Coconut, Raw Honey, Chia Seeds, Baking Powder (Aluminum and Grain-Free), Vanilla, Sea Salt **organic