The Plan

Jump-Start Your Health...


CAN CAN Cleanse's nutritional 3-day program helps you find out what it feels like to feel good.

Make a smooth departure from poor eating patterns, boost energy and self-esteem, lose a few pounds and feel good! Discover the benefits of cleansing with CAN CAN's 24 easy-to-digest vegetable and fruit juices, warming teas, nut milks and seasonal soups – 8 beverages per day.

CAN CAN asks that you commit yourself, mind and body to the program, ease into it by following the pre-cleanse warm-up, deep cleanse for 3 days, and then follow the post-cleanse cool-down to help change your old eating patterns into new health-supporting habits.

Wholesome, organic beverages packed in canning jars and delivered right to you - it's body maintenance made easy!

Your body will thank you and your mind will be inspired!