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10-Day Challenge! BAM!

Sep 13, 2014


A few months back, we had an amazing team of clients who committed to a 10-Day cleanse. 6 males, former athletes. The confidence in the group leader's voice as we spoke about the 10-Day cleanse was unreal. His enthusiasm and assurance that these guys could totally tackled a 10-Day (most had never done a liquid cleanse before so you can imagine my hesitation) and succeed was inspiring to me. That's right, I thought to myself, they CAN do it! Let's do it!

And they DID!

I had the pleasure of keeping up on their journey and offering support and commentary via a text message chain. The banter was hilarious, but what gave me such satisfaction was the encouraging nature of their communication with one another during the 10-Day Challenge and how they all stepped up to the challenge, showed incredible determination, willpower and commitment from start to finish. They conquered the 10-Day cleanse. 

Everyone was an all-star, but one client really stood out. "T" lost 34 lbs and felt amazing and back in control of his eating habits for the first time in a very long while.


He was so grateful. I was so touched that CAN CAN Cleanse could help. Our mission has and continues to be about our clients. While we prepare tasty, organic juices, nut milks, soups and herbal teas, our cleanses are about an experience we're creating for our clients. The most rewarding part of what we do, is the clients' success on a cleanse. Be it a 1-Day, 3-Day, 5-Day or 10-Day, the practice of CAN CAN'ing truly asks our clients to stop, change up their routine, reflect on what's going on in their lives and in particular with their eating habits, and feel what it feels like to eat less and feel better, it's magic really ;)


 before                                                          after

I plan to start sharing more testimonials of client experiences here on our blog so you too can share in the victories of our clients. They inspire me and my CAN CAN family and move us to love our work even more everyday.

That all said, I'm thrilled to announce our 10-Day TNT Challenge - BAM! (Body and Mind). Interested in giving it a go? More info on the challenge here.

And for the next 30 days were giving away a Special Bonus to those clients who sign-up with a friend. Both will receive a suppportive 6-Pack of our Banana Bam Bam Paleo Muffins from our dear friends at Muffin Revolution. Yay! We thought if you need a little addition support, feel the urge to cheat or want to enjoy a " I'm halfway there!" reward, these delicious paleo treats will take care of you!

Wising you inspiration, motivation, health and happy cleansing!

You CAN do it!




PS: What does TNT stand for? Here are a few meanings I love. Choose the one that fuels you and let's do it!

1)  "T" N Teresa

2)   The Next Thing

3)   This N That

4)   Tried N True

5)   Today Not Tomorrow

6)   The Nurturing Team

7)   Totally New Thunder

8)   Tender, Nutritious, Tasty