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Bay Blend for Save The Bay

Sep 17, 2014


CAN CAN Cleanse is committed to glass mason jar packaging. Discouraged by the amount of waste created by plastic,throw-away bottles and the effects plastic bottles have on the Bay (and our planet), we encourage our clients to keep the glass jars for home use after their cleanse to be used as drinking glasses, DIY crafts, storage containers,gifts for friends, etc. We have also started a recycling program and donate used CAN CAN jars to local childrens' schools and art programs for use in the classrooms.   

CAN CAN Cleanse joined Save the Bay earlier this year in an effort to further our involvement to keep the Bay beautiful! We created this special Bay Blend recipe in honor of San Francisco Bay. 

Bay Blend Recipe

makes approx 2 cups


2 lemons, peeled

3 small cucumbers, peeled

1 medium fennel, fronds removed

pinch of fine gray sea salt


Using a juicer, begin by juicing lemons. Then, juice cucumbers and fennel. Add the pinch of sea salts, stir well and enjoy!

This recipe was featured on Save The Bay's blog. Read the full post here.