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Beloved Blender

Jul 08, 2014


My beloved home blender puttered out last week. In the midst of smoothie recipe testing, she allowed me to turned her on for one more kick and then she went silent. She was a simple, glass pitcher Waring. She had a good, good life. Put out thousands of smoothies and a multitude of batches of nut milks. She was trustworthy, hardworking and reliable for 10 years!

I borrowed a Ninja to test out before deciding if I was ready stock my home with a "pulverizing power" blender. To be honest, it's a super scary, fully-bladed machine! The blades are no joke (see blender on right in picture above) and as the name suggests, it does its job like a ninja. Eeeeek! 

In the CAN CAN kitchen we use Vitamix blenders and they are truly amazing! They are also very high power and expensive. A Vitamix is certainly an investment you'll have for a lifetime, but at the same time not necessary for most of your home blending needs. I personally like my kitchen equipment to be high quality, yet humble (aka not too big or expensive). Juicers, citrus presses, blenders, pots, pans, canning jars etc can fill up your cabinets very quickly.

So to continue to make my smoothies and nut milks at home, I'll be replacing my old faithful :)

Happy Blending!