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Can Can Craft Time!

Aug 27, 2014


Make Your Own Ball Jar Vases

Painting the Jars

What you'll need....

1)  1-1 ½ inch paint brush

2)  Your favorite jar(s) (for this we used 32oz and 16 oz jars)

3)  Your favorite color(s)of Americana Décor Chalky Finish paint

4)  Old newspapers/brown bags

How-to DIY...

1)   Set-up workstation laying out old newspapers to protect your work surface.

2)   Start painting jars! Paint one coat at a time let each coat dry about an hour. Two coats should be sufficient.

Turning Those Jars Into Planters 

What you’ll need...

1)  Small plants (succulents/indoor plants in 2-3in containers)

2)  Charcoal

3)  Cactus mix soil

4)  Regular mouthed funnel

5)  Metal bands (from lids)

How to DIY... 

1)   Place funnel on mouth of jar (If you don’t have one that’s fine it just makes things easier)

2)   Place about ½ - 1 inch charcoal at the bottom of the jar. This will prevent root rot, over watering, and create some drainage (since jars don’t have drainage).

3)   Fill ¾ jar with Cactus mix soil. Remove funnel.

4)   Take desired plant out of container and break up the roots a little. This will help the roots spread out into their new home. Place into container.

5)   Fill in with more dirt until the plant has a solid footing as well as about 1in of room for watering.

6)   Carefully place lid over plant and screw onto jar for a more finished look!

7)   Water about once a week, but allow soil to dry out completely between watering (especially the succulents).


Craft project & photo by Heather DiMambro, thanks Heather!

These beautiful vases pictured above can be seen at CAN CAN Cleanse's SF outpost: 2864 California Street @ Broderick. Drop by for Tasting Tuesdays for Free samples of juice 4pm - 6pm.