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Dec 15, 2010

It's inspiring to read peoples' success stories and motivational to watch others achieve goals. However, when you start to involve yourself in helping people achieve their successes, now that is gratifying. Weight loss is a goal I watch many of my clients work towards. It can feel more like a battle with small victories and minor setbacks along the way. I believe in four key components for successful weight loss: determination, patience, nutrition, and exercise. Remember, you didn't gain all those extra pounds overnight so you cannot expect to lose them all overnight.

I started working with Serena 3 years ago. At 28 years old, she was carrying extra weight equivalent to a 10-year-old boy. We completely revamped her diet, changed her eating patterns, and have her cleansing regularly. In addition, Serena's lifestyle now includes hard-core exercise. Go Bootcamp! She recently completed her fifth CAN CAN Cleanse and when I asked her for a recent photo so I could share her success story, this is the one she sent me. I couldn't resist posting! Amazing.