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Cold-Brew Coffee!

Jul 19, 2015


The benefits of coffee have been debated for many years now. One year it’s good for you, the next it’s bad. Well much to the satisfaction of coffee drinkers everywhere coffee is again being touted as having many health benefits. One major health benefit is the potential to help you to live longer. A major 14-year study done by The National Cancer Institute, the National Institute of Health, and AARP showed that your “risk of dying” was 10% lower for men and 15% lower for women who drank 2-6 cups of coffee per day, regardless if it was decaf or regular1.

So now that we’ve established that coffee does indeed have positive health benefits, which is better, classic hot-brewed or cold-brewed coffee? There are some things to consider:

For lovers of hot brewed coffee it is very convenient to make, taking only a few minutes depending on the method and the steamy aroma of coffee isn’t lost. However, because coffee oils are sensitive to heat they oxidize quickly causing a sour taste2. Coffee acids also degrade more rapidly causing a bitter taste2.

Cold-brewed coffee has a unique flavor profile. Because the coffee is brewed at a low temperature the coffee’s oils remain largely intact, preserving its pure, rich flavor. Oxidation is slowed which helps eliminate bitterness. Another perk, cold-brew has a much lower acidicty making for a happier gut and digestive track. Really the only down side to cold brew coffee is it takes upwards of 8 hours to brew.

Thankfully we have solved this problem with our new CAN CAN Cold-Brew Coffee with Almond Milk! We have teamed up with our friends the thoughtful and local Bicycle Coffee Co. who personally roast and deliver their fair-trade coffee all over the Bay Area by, you guessed it - bicycle! 


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