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Come As You Are

Feb 15, 2015


"When I think about you, I think about your face. It does not matter if we have yet to meet. I see you glowing in happiness. I see you firmly rooted in clarity. I believe in you. I believe that your dreams are powerful desires inside of you and that they are there for a reason. It is my hope that you will live in brave pursuit of those dreams.

I have a client, let's call her Grace because when I think of her I think of grace embodied. When she and I first met she was negotiating cancer. Today she is cancer free and releasing the physical weight that she has been carrying on her body for years. Grace is bursting with happiness. I love her for about a million reasons but among my favorite is that she knows her worth and she is ready and willing to try anything that I ask her to consider. It is because of her openness that she continues to see results. I once joked with her that if I would have asked her to stand on her head her only question would have been... "So do I need to use a pillow under or should I just put my head right there on the ground?" Grace is game for anything and that literally wakes me up and gets me out of bed to write love infused programs for her.

We all have a little grace in us and I'm wondering... what mountains would you climb to have the kind of life you want? How far would you journey? What would you do to have vibrant health? To stop suffering over a job you hate, a body you can't seem to make friends with, or a partner that doesn't get you? What mountains would you move for your best life?

This is your beautiful life and it is calling you right now.
It is time to Shift. Join me for the transformation you've been waiting for."

~ Lacy Young