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Feb 25, 2014

The 4th and final step from Mangoman Nutrition.

Step 4: Habit-Proof Your Environment

If your environment reeks of temptation, new habits are incredibly hard to create. Your environment has a nasty way of talking to your subconscious – so why not set up your home, car and office for success?

Example #1: Suppose your new intended habit is to eat less packaged products. Start by removing ALL packaged products from your kitchen. Don’t let the prospect of waste stop you from making the change you want. Donate uneaten items to a food bank. In this way, you make success effortless by simply removing the temptation to fail. Out of sight, out of mind.

Example #2: Suppose you are trying to adopt a morning workout regimen. Start by placing your shoes and workout clothes at the foot of your bed so that you’re forced to wear them before doing anything else. Setting up your environment for success prevents you from having to think. 

Example #3: Suppose you are trying to prepare dinner 5 days a week at home. Before making this habit, make sure that you have the proper tools. Do you have a baking sheet? A cheese grater? A blender? A spatula? A non-stick frying pan? Be sure that you have the essentials, otherwise preparing dinner will be frustrating and easily forgettable. 

Creating habits can actually be a fun and enjoyable way to change your existing routine, even though the first few repetitions may feel difficult. The next time you are trying to establish a new habit, follow these 4 steps and watch as you become a habit master. Changing your lifestyle can be an incredibly enjoyable process if you approach it with the right system in mind. 

About Cyrus Khambatta, PhD


Cyrus Khambatta is a nutrition and fitness coach that specializes in plant-based nutrition education. He was diagnosed as a type 1 diabetic at the age of 22, and decided to study towards a PhD in Nutritional Biochemistry to understand the molecular level details of nutrition and fitness for long-term disease prevention. He owns and operates Mangoman Nutrition and Fitness based in San Francisco, and has developed innovative 6-month small-group nutrition and fitness programs to educate, inspire, motivate and train clients to optimal health and exceptional fitness. 

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