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Jan 14, 2012

It's that time of year when we swear-off sweets, march ourselves to the gym and opt for decaf coffee. We're creatures of habit so the indicators of a new routine make this time a year notably noticeable. We call these new patterns our resolutions. However, resolutions seem to dwindle as the first month of the year comes to an end (not to say 31 days isn't a commendable length of time to break the routine), but rather than stopping and turning the caffeine back up to high, why not turn these resolutions into goals? Transform even just one into a way of life and healthier living.

Tips for Changing-Up the Routine for Healthier, Happier You:

  • Make a list of goals and be sure to write them down.
  • Plan, plan, plan. Ask yourself, "What is it going to take for me to stick to these goals?"
  • Invite a dear friend, spouse, partner, child or co-worker to join you. Power in numbers!
  • Be ok with alternating the goals to ensure you succeed. It's all about feeling good, bettering yourself!
  • Set realistic timelines to achieve your goals. 
  • Keep a journal or blog with photos.
  • Do one thing everyday that requires you to stop, smile and praise yourself for your efforts.
  • Perseverance and patience. I've never known an accomplished marathon runner who stepped outside and ran 26.2 miles without training.
  • Reward yourself when you're there. We all love acknowledgement of our victories! ...just be sure the reward supports rather than detracts from the goal.

Good luck, go to it and then on to the next goal while the coffee's still hot!