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Essential Oils for Allergies

Apr 28, 2015


Ahh, Spring, the perfect time to soak in some Vitamin D and indulge in mother nature’s miraculous recovery from winter! We often daydream about spring days during the cold winter season. We imagine our gardens, picnics with friends and family, playing catch with our kids, and the newly blossoming trees. Sounds ideal, right?

For some us, definitely. To feel the fresh, flower-scented air glide past your face is sweet. That is, if you are lucky! If you are like me, spring air can feel more like one-million pollen particles ambushing your body- your eyes, nose, ears, even skin, nothing is left safe! If your allergies are as severe as mine have been this season, you understand the disappointment of being awoken by the sweet spring sun, and then being slapped with 40 sneezes that somehow feel like 4,000 sneezes. For mild to severe allergies, we recommend giving essential oils a try.

Essential oils are potent, plant-based oils that can be an effective, natural aid to seasonal allergies. They offer an array of benefits, for allergies and beyond. Again and again, we have heard that peppermint and lavender are some of the best for allergy-related issues. We asked an expert, our friend Anne at doTERRA, the largest essential oils company in the world, the best ways to use and implement peppermint and lavender oils.

Peppermint: “If the essential oil is 100% pure, therapeutic grade, you can put it in your water and drink it. One drop of pure peppermint oil is the equivalent to more than 25 cups of peppermint tea. Peppermint is very uplifting to the spirit. I often diffuse peppermint in the afternoon for a pick me up instead of caffeine.”

Lavender: “For lavender, I am not afraid to put it directly on the back of my neck to reduce headache symptoms or relieve stress that may be associated with allergies. Lavender, (...) tends to be more soothing. Inhaling a few drops of lavender will calm the soul”.

We took Anne’s advice, and have to say, she was right- thank you, Anne! Here’s to fewer tissues and all that you imagined spring to be!


Source: MindBodyGreen

Photograph of doTerra essential oils