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Fall Cleanse Time!

Sep 20, 2014


Happy Fall! One of the most beautiful times of year! Leaves quickly turning vibrant shades of color and then falling off the trees. The Summer's bounty in the fields steadily morphing into darker, deeper shades, and harder skinned produce and we see an abundance of root vegetables and squash take over the farmers' markets.

CAN CAN Cleanse believes seasonal cleansing eases our bodies into the new season. While we don't loose "leaves," our bodies do feel a shift when Summer comes to an end. One such noticeable change is we start to crave different, more warming foods. We welcome the new season's produce into our diets (who has a favorite Fall veggie they wait all year for?) and reflect back and long for Summer greatness.

What better way to transition our bodies and minds and reinvigorate for Fall then taking 3-Days of pause; to physically and mentally rest, reset and recharge.

We look forward to having you Fall cleanse with us!