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Full Of Thanks!

Nov 25, 2014


We're feeling full already! On behalf of the CAN CAN family, I want to express our gratitude to our clients, families & friends. We are grateful for your support of our work, we're grateful for our health, our happiness & our community. As we head into the holiday season we also celebrate heading into our 5th year in business. We have much to be thankful for!

Take a moment this week either before, during, or after your Thanksgiving meal and reflect on where you are in your life, where you've been this past year and where you're headed. Be thankful for your health, the health of your family members, friends, loved one. And if the thought of good health is a sensitive one for you or yours, then find the thanks in each positive moment & memory and hold tight to positive thoughts. 

A final note, treat your body with care on Thanksgiving and be present amongst those you share the holiday with. We here at CAN CAN Cleanse will be doing the same.

Warm, full Thanksgiving wishes!

Love: Teresa & the CAN CAN Cleanse family