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Apr 18, 2014


As someone who has struggled with acne for most my life I know how it feels to want better skin. Once I started to learn about foods and how much of an impact they can have not only on your inside but your outside, my skin started to change for the better. Want to get that healthy glow? Here are some skin healthy foods to help you get there.

  • 1)   Pumpkin Seeds- Pumpkin seeds are a wonderful source of the mineral zinc. You’ve probably heard of zinc before as an immune booster for fighting a cold. Zinc is also necessary for skin health by protecting collagen, cell membranes and encourages skin renewal. Zinc is also an antioxidant and an anti-inflammatory. So next time you are looking for a quick skin-healthy snack grab a small handful of pumpkin seeds!
  • 2)   Almonds- Almonds are rich in vitamin E. Vitamin E is a fat-soluble vitamin that protects your skin. When you are deficient in this vitamin it can manifest as acne or aging skin. Vitamin E, like zinc, is also an antioxidant. Antioxidants play a very important role in protecting our skin. In this day and age when pollution is everywhere it’s important for health and for healthy skin to have a lot of antioxidants in your food. I think this is a good excuse to indulge in CAN CAN Nut Milk, almond butter or some just plain almonds!
  • 3)   Strawberries- Strawberries are naturally high in vitamin C. Vitamin C is a vital nutrient, providing collagen production and antioxidant protection. Try thisStrawberry Chia Seed Pudding recipe!
  • 4)   Sweet Potatoes- Sweet potatoes are naturally high in beta-carotene (which later converts to vitamin A). Vitamin A is a necessary component for healthy skin and an antioxidant. If your skin is rough and dry it may be a sign you aren’t getting enough vitamin A from your diet. Other foods rich in beta-carotene are orange and yellow vegetables as well as dark leafy greens. With sweet potatoes you also get the benefit of vitamin C as 1 cup of this vegetable provides over about 50% of your DRI. Bake one tonight!
  • 5)   Fish- Fish like salmon, sardines, rainbow trout, anchovies and mackerel have high omega-3 fatty acid content. Omega-3 is an important fatty acid that fights inflammation and protects cell membranes. Fish also provide valuable protein that is a building block for our skin cells. * If you are vegetarian or vegan you can get lots of wonderful omega-3 fatty acids from flax seeds.

Other tips:

  • Drink lots of water, at least 8 glasses a day if not more. Hydration is important not only for skin health but also detoxification.
  • Reduce your sugar intake. Sugar wrecks havoc on your entire system causing inflammation, blood sugar issues, and an increase in free radicals (oxidation). If you are having a hard time reducing your sugar load try to replace sweets slowly. Instead of that cookie or ice cream go for a homemade chia seed pudding or some fruit. Eventually your palate will change and you will enjoy the naturally sweet foods in life.
  •  If you still have not started including exercise in your life, start now.  A new study suggests it’s possible to reverse the skin aging process.


Contributed by: Heather DiMambro, Certified Nutrition Consultant, San Francisco

Grapic: Nanette Murray