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May 06, 2012


For those of you have seen Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead and dusted off your juicers, good for you! Others who are inspired after CAN CAN'ing with us, often write to share with me that they bought a juicer and are juicing at home, fantastic! Keep those emails coming! What a way to show dedication to improve your health and wellness by embracing and tackling juicing at home. It's one of my primary goals of CAN CAN Cleanse; to empower my clients to continue to practice mindfulness in their day-to-day diets after the cleanse. 

Looking to invest in a juicer? I've been using a 5-Speed Breville juicer at home (same trusty model Joe Cross juices with from the back of his van). It's easy to use, efficient, durable and affordable. While no juicer is an absolute breeze to clean, drink the fruits of your labor first, feel the nutrient buzz kick-in and I promise the cleaning won't seem to be such a laborious task.


Breville 5-Speed Juicer. Photo Credit:

I was recommending the Breville juicer to a friend recently and was delighted to see this updated nutritional info on Breville's website. Take a peek and happy juicing!