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Hometown Cleansing!

Aug 08, 2014


Yesterday, CAN CAN Cleanse popped up in Seattle! I had the pleasure of preparing cleanses for my sister co-workers. What a lucky bunch! :) I simply love sharing my work with others and pop-ups are something extra special to me as I'd love nothing more than to prepare a CAN CAN Cleanses for people across the nation. If I can find a kitchen and prepare a few cleanses for friends or family while on the road, I'm happy. 

My sisters co-workers are all first-timers to cleansing. In my experience, first-time cleansers generally are either super excited or incredibly nervous. I don't blame them for feeling either way, or both. It's pretty wild to go from eating 3 (or more) times a day to sipping on 8 beverages and battling the urge to chew. That said, the success of a cleanse is heavily dependent on the mind. Willpower! While the practice of a cleanse is both physical and mental, the mental challenges and rewards are huge. Those thoughts, "I'm hungry," "I have to eat something," "I don't know if I can do this," are tough dialogue to ease when you're living it. However, those thoughts and feelings pass and the victory and feeling of empowerment after a cleanse leaves people feeling light and bright from the inside out.

A few updates from the field:

"Yes I can can! A day of cleansing prior to vacation."

"They are liking it. One of them struggled with the green juice but she got it down. The other 2 loved it!"

"They are doing good. They love the watermelon juice!"

Congrats to Team Paccar for embarking on their first cleanse! Keep the cleanse spirit alive after you finish.

Thank you for choosing CAN CAN Cleanse. It was my pleasure to prepare the cleanses for you!