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Last Days of Summer

Sep 09, 2014


We're stilling drinking and eating watermelon, but here's a look at what's going on in the fields. An update from our friend David Cooper, Oak Hill Farm of Sonoma's produce grower. 

We had a 50 degree difference between our high and low temperatures this past week. It's not easy being a plant that has to adjust to such fluctuations. The summer crops are continuing their decline.

If you like watermelons, you have to try the Sweet Dakota Rosa (pictured above). It has pink flesh, good sweetness, and a strong watermelon flavor. They have few seeds and have quickly become our favorite watermelon.

Rossa di Milano onions are new this week. It's a beautiful red, heirloom storage onion with a pungent flavor.

Padron peppers and Armenian cucumbers are the latest crops to succumb to the fall weather. There's a chance they'll be back next week if we get some heat later this week.

The official first day of fall is Tuesday, September 23rd. CAN CAN Cleanse will be starting fall cleanse season on Wednesday, September 24th. Mark your calendars and in the meantime, keep on consuming watermelon and soaking up the sun. Fill 'er up before it's all gone!

photo courtesy of David, Oak Hill Farm of Sonoma