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Let's Warm You Up!

Jan 20, 2015


Inspired by winter, we celebrate the start of 2015 with a brand new cleanse program. Welcome our Warming Cleanse!

Our bodies can tend to run cold this time of year or when cleansing in general. While we agree those vibrant green juices are oh-so-good for us, how about tuning into our bodies when they're calling for warming foods, teas, cozy blankets and bedtime as well as sunshine & beach escapes? The cold juices just may not be satifying our body's need for warmth. 

Soooo, listen up and let's warm up!

Each day of the Warming cleanse, enjoy 7 warm beverages (1 seasonal soup, 2 veggie broth, 2 spiced fruit juices, 2 soothing herbal teas) and 1 rich red root juice. Designed to support the body and boost the immune system during winter. And, thanks to our friends at Moss Acupuncture we've aligned this cleanse with the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

"CAN CAN's Warming Cleanse is aligned with the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine.  In the winter, it is recommended to stay warm, eat warm food, and eat seasonal vegetables to stay in harmony with the season.

According to Chinese Medicine, some people have “warm” constitutions and others have “cold” constitutions.  People with “cold” constitutions frequently feel cold, are tired, may having sluggish or poor digestion, find it difficult to lose weight, experience menstrual cramping, and may be more easily susceptible to colds and flus.  People with “cold” constitutions would do well to try the warming cleanse, particularly in the colder seasons."   - Jennifer Moss, MS,L.Ac,FABORM & owner Moss Acupuncture

When you're craving warmth this season (and that beachy vacation isn't in the cards), we hope you'll try our Warming cleanse!

Wishing you a bright, healthy & warm 2015!