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Nut Milk Chatter

Jul 29, 2014

Caught by the bold headline, I read Tom Philpott's piece and felt instance indigestion for my beloved almond milk. 

Here's how the online flurry over almond milk went down.

Tom Philpott's piece in Mother JonesLay Off the Almond Milk, You Ignorant HipstersThe fans, nut milk producers & hipsters really got excited!

Then, writer Maria Dolan published her strong opposition in SlateAlmond Milk Is Not the Problem ~ a great read if you have time for only one piece (, it does not win for best title or best responses on Twitter, but titles are chosen by editors, not writers. Content is good!)

Then, Boy, Hipsters Sure Are Defensive About Their Almond Milk. Tom's second piece in Mother Jones

My response... honest almond milk is not bad for our enviroment. Consuming alternative beverages containing perservatives and stabalizers that are widely distributed (and also bathed in water, HPP) is a poor buying choice and just as concerning as California's drought. Make almond milk at home or buy local. I consider myself somewhere between a hippie and a hipster.

From Tom's Twitter feed: TWITTER3.png