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Apr 04, 2013

We've been busy-busy here at CAN CAN! We love what we do so it's easy for us to dream up and then execute on our mission; helping provide honest, whole food, feel-good experiences that encourage and support overall better health and wellness for you! That's quite a cause! We're not only thankful for the support and feedback we've received from our clients, but we continue to be inspired to provide you services to fuel your bodies with the "right stuff."

What is the right stuff to buy when a carton of good old fashioned cow's milk just won't do?

Which rice, soy, hemp, almond, coconut, original-almond-coconut, chocolate, naturally sweetened, vanilla sweetened, vegan, low-fat, no-fat "milk" do you buy?


We also like to keep stuff simple.

If you didn't have a chance to read, Janny Hu of the San Francisco Chronicle's piece on Nut milk alternatives pour it on piece that ran in Sunday's paper, please do. 

If you hop, skip and jump down to the bottom of the piece, Janny announced our new service,CAN CAN Nut Milk - Yay! Launching April 23rd. We're oh-so-thrilled to offer our clients as well as friends and families abound fresh, small batch, organic nut milks direct to your doorstep. In true old-school milkman fashion. Our simple, short-list ingredient nut milks handmade in our kitchen and delivered yours so you and your family may enjoy a healthy, tasty, dairy-free alternative anytime of day!

Please join CAN CAN Nut Milk's mailing list to receive more info & updates.


Cheers to honest nut milk!