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Jan 10, 2013

I've been dying to blog about my New Year's Resolution, but I didn't want to jinx myself. Yesterday marked one week; no ice cream, no desserts. Sayonara sugar! 

It's my biggest weakness turned-hobby last year during my pregnancy. Steve and I became best friends and at $6.99 per pint, it's a relationship I'm happy to see go. 

How does the CAN CAN girl kick her bad habit? To be honest, I'm not one to go cold-turkey and while I've replaced Steve with Will (power), I'm not swearing off ice cream or sugary desserts for life. That my friends is bound to backfire and life is too short not to indulge - once in awhile. 

But, I do feel a sense of accomplishment already. My determination as well as my level of happiness have risen in just one week. 

How'd I do it?

Here's my approach:

1. Set one realistic goal 

2. Find someone who will share the same goal (strong-willed boyfriend of mine!)

3. Map out a way to measure your goal

4. Put a large sign on your frig with an inspirational quote or a giant red 'X'

5. Healthy alternatives. For me, incorporating fresh juice (beet, carrot, apple for sweet cravings)

5. Snap a photo and blog about it


This photo captures my last near-polished-off pint of ice cream purchased and enjoyed on NYE. I scooped three more spoonfuls on New Year's Day (it's my B-Day after all!), but as a true test, I'm leaving the leftovers in the freezer and I'll post updates throughout the year.

So here I am; sugar clean the first week of the year. Feeling good and in competition mode - with myself!

I'm winning this one!

Best of luck to you and your resolutions this year! You CAN do it!