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Nov 29, 2010


I marvel over the food offerings that seduce customers in drug stores. Packaged junk eaten as snacks, but contains more nutrient-deficient calories than a meal.

This idea of the heartburn medicine next to the candy bars is not such a new idea. Early American pharmacies are remembered for the sweets they housed - most favored, the soda fountains. The long history of drug stores sharing space with sweets seems like a less than healthy idea, however it's profitable.

A few scenarios come to mind when looking at this product placement. It's less likely that the person shopping for the Zantac is also going to buy the candy bar. Unless, the person's been suffering from indigestion long enough to feel hungry, so then why not pick up the chocolate bar for later? Or, more likely, the childhood memory is triggered; I get a treat because I don't feel well. Remember when mom let you eat ice cream on the couch when you were home sick? There's comfort in food.

So take the Zantac and feel better. Brilliant. Now eat the chocolate bar and feel even better!

An hour later, more Zantac.

The vicious cycle Dr. Elizabeth Lipski coins as SAD (Standard American Diet). 

If you're going to the drug store to buy the candy bar, might be a good idea to grab the Zantac too.