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Spring Cleanse Season Begins!

Mar 18, 2015


Oh yes, spring is officially days away now and our spring cleasning season begins on Monday, March 23rd (my Mom's bday ~ Happy Birthday to my Mom!!!) This time of year brings on serious giddiness to clean and create change in various spaces in our lives. The actual time spent cleaning can be a drag, but once it's done ~ wow, what a boost it gives you! A solid feeling of accomplishment and confidence to tackle whatever lies ahead. Yay!

Now parlay that feeling of accomplishment to spring cleaning your insides. What?! Why yes! 'Tis the season to cleanse! The seasonal shift that inspires us to clean our homes, offices, closets, and desks, etc. is the perfect time to spick and span our physical state and tidy up our head space (i.e. give your body and mind a break and let your detox systems go to work!)

This season, more than any other, is the time of new beginnings. If you find yourself needing a bit of inspiration to stay on track with your goals, try picturing yourself succeeding!  Remember how amazing you feel when you get done exercising, or how confident you are when a co-worker compliments you and use those memories to spring you forward to your goals. New habits take time to develop. We're here to help. Remember, you CAN!

Looking forward to supporting you through your spring cleaning!