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Update from the fields

Oct 14, 2014


While many are still enjoying the endless summer, the California drought has us hoping for rain and our friends up at Oak Hill Farm of Sonoma praying Mother Nature will hurry up and change seasons already. Here's what's growing on up at the farm. An update from David, produce grower for Oak Hill Farm. 

Will somebody please tell summer she's overstayed her welcome this year! We're struggling to keep the fall vegetables irrigated to help them through the heat. There's a little bit of tip burn on some of the greens, but so far no major damage. I'm just hoping the heat doesn't cause the chicories to bolt.

The second crop of romanesco is starting this week. The heads are huge.

We have more arugula this week as well.

Serrano and espelette peppers are finished for the year.

The heat brought us a nice surprise--we have early girl tomatoes for Thursday! This will probably be the last chance for them this year.

We have a beautiful red butterhead lettuce available as well. It has red leaves on the outside and a bright green heart.