Black Raspberries

July 15,2014
These little gems are like candy! And yes, they look like miniature blackberries, but so pleasantly different and delicious. This sweet basket = the best $5 I've spent all year.

Beloved Blender

July 08,2014
My beloved home blender puttered out last week. In the midst of smoothie recipe testing, she allowed me to turned her on for one more kick and then she went silent. She was a simple, glass pitcher Waring. She had a good, good life. Put out thousands of smoothies and a multitude of batches of nut milks. She was trustworthy, hardworking and reliable for 10 years!

Happy 4th of July!

July 03,2014
Wishing all our clients, friends and families a wonderful, safe, healthy and Happy 4th of July!

Almonds So Good & So Gone!

July 02,2014
My almond pal sent me an email last week, "Out of almonds until October. Sorry." Eeeek! The high demand for organic almonds along with the CA drought is all too real. I was shocked that the shortage was hitting now, but not surprised.

Road Trip Essentials

June 26,2014
Road trips are about as great as you can make them. Depending on your company, your adventures and what you eat along the way, it can be a memorable journey or a nightmare.