Summer Salads

June 23,2014
Summer and salads are two of my most favorite things. Just the thought of them brings a smile to my face. And, we’re all in luck because it’s too easy to make a salad into a meal this time of year.

Summer Cleanse Time!

June 20,2014
Time for Summer! Yeeehaa! Let us help you look and feel svelte for bathing suit season. Our Summer menu begins Monday, June 23. Yay!

Juice Packs!

June 19,2014
Have you seen we now offer our seasonal juices/beverages in 4- or 6- packs? You know what they say about a juice a day….

$35-Off for Our Glowing Brides!

June 18,2014
The BIG day is here! Congrats to our Summer 2014 Brides & Grooms. We'd like to help you look your best & feel your best.

Watermelon Basil Juice Recipe

June 17,2014
I've been craving watermelon juice and Summer ~ 1st day is Saturday, yay! This is how my almost-Summer morning looked today