Paleo, Gluten Free, Clean Eating - Let's Discuss!

June 11,2014
Summer is upon us and the magazine racks are filling up with diet plans, vacation ideas and celebrity bikini sightings. It’s hard not to get caught up in the headlines and begin examining our own eating habits and fashion choices. Ready for a change?

The Fathers of Juice!

June 09,2014
We celebrate Father's Day to honor those that forged the path we walk down today. This month we pay tribute to 5 juicing pioneers.

1st Popsicle of The Year!

June 06,2014
Totally guilty! I jumped the gun and made (and ate) popsicles before 12noon yesterday! Life is good...

5 Reasons to Eat Berries!

June 04,2014
Do you love berries? Or maybe you aren’t quite sold on them yet? Berries provide a variety of health benefits that make them a worthy addition to any diet. You can add berries to practically any meal; blueberries on oatmeal, strawberries on granola, cranberries in salad, or blackberries in smoothies. Wherever you decide to get your daily dose of berries, try to shoot for ½-1 cup per day. Here are five great reasons to eat berries every day!


May 20,2014
Sometimes celebrations can be the trickiest time to stick with your healthy eating. We justify it saying, “Well, it's only once in a while on special occasions.” But when you have a big family and a lot of friends, “special occasions” can take over your social calendar with birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, engagements, weddings, and baby showers. Here are a few fun appetizers to make the many celebrations more enjoyable and healthy!