May 12,2014
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May 07,2014
Hey mamas out there, time for some self-care! Your day is coming up on Sunday and why not treat yourself early?! :) Cookies & milk & foot massage? Yes, please! This Friday, May 9th CAN CAN is gifting you fresh nut milk while my mama friends, Anhoni of Mrs. Patel's is sampling delicious Milk-Making Peanut Butter Fenugreek Bars (for all the new mamas out there) and Gluten-free Vegan Chococlate Fenugreek Bars and Amy, of Mama Lounge is taking care of your footies. Enjoy a 5 minute Peppermint Foot Rub add-on to your treatment when you schedule an appointment with Amy. This is all taking place at Mama Lounge SF (3580 California Street #205) Friday so schedule today (415-857-3228) and head on over! CAN CAN Cleanse approved ;)


May 06,2014
So you’ve adapted a healthy lifestyle, you’ve been cooking up a storm and now you want to take a break and celebrate out in the world. Where to go from here? When it comes to eating out, San Francisco has many options; Chinese, Thai, sushi, Mexican, ramen, salads, sandwiches, Italian! It can be very overwhelming, especially if you are trying to find a place that accommodates all of your needs to eat clean and healthy. To help you navigate, I’ve compiled a list of restaurants to give you a jumping off point into the sea of healthy dining.


May 05,2014
We all have a jar of coconut oil by now, right? Are you wondering what else to do with it? Here at CAN CAN we currently have four favorites: Healthy Treats Trying to be good is hard! Sometimes you just need a little chocolate! When your sweet tooth is calling...whip up some of these wholesome tasty bits instead of cheating. I'd bet you have everything you need in your pantry right now. You'll feel better in no time!


April 24,2014
We're delighted to be hosting an accessory drive! How fun, right?! We're collecting all your pretty things in an effort to help others look good and feel the very best they possibly can! All donations are being collected for Dress For Success San Francisco. Please peek into your closets and consider this awesome way to make sure your favorite accessories continue to shine and change lives! Thank you for your donations!